Fujitsu patents granted on 02 December 2014

47 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,904,548 Information terminal apparatus for information leak monitoring
2 8,904,492 Method of controlling information processing system, computer-readable recording medium storing program for controlling apparatus
3 8,904,328 Support apparatus and design support method
4 8,904,234 Determination of items to examine for monitoring
5 8,904,203 Power supply assembly for a terminal having ethernet energy supply operating in plurality of operating modes under the control of logic unit with one DC/DC converter
6 8,904,103 Data processing apparatus and method for recording data
7 8,904,055 Switching control device and switching control method
8 8,903,881 Arithmetic circuit, arithmetic processing apparatus and method of controlling arithmetic circuit
9 8,903,878 Information processing program, information processing device and information processing method
10 8,903,861 Technique for identifying key for associating messages
11 8,903,804 Data existence judging device and data existence judging method
12 8,903,724 Speech recognition device and method outputting or rejecting derived words
13 8,903,698 Generating behavioral models for analog circuits
14 8,903,331 Radio communication apparatus, baseband processing apparatus, and radio apparatus
15 8,903,248 Transmission apparatus and method for controlling the transmission apparatus
16 8,903,184 Image-encoding method, image-encoding device, and computer-readable recording medium storing image-encoding program
17 8,903,183 Image recognition device, image recognizing method, storage medium that stores computer program for image recognition
18 8,903,165 Image editing method, image editing apparatus, computer program, and memory product
19 8,903,011 Control channel information transmission method, and base station and terminal using the same method
20 8,902,898 Apparatus and method for transferring a data signal by bypassing a power-saving segment in a communication network
21 8,902,847 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
22 8,902,838 Method for random access in wireless communication system, wireless communication system, wireless terminal, and base station unit
23 8,902,837 Method for random access in wireless communication system, wireless communication system, wireless terminal, and base station unit
24 8,902,836 Method for random access in wireless communication system, wireless communication system, wireless terminal, and base station unit
25 8,902,834 Feedback interval control
26 8,902,779 Base station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
27 8,902,742 Method and system for optimized access of a physical random access channel
28 8,902,592 Heat sink and method for fixing heat sink
29 8,902,492 Optical amplifier and optical amplifier control method
30 8,902,468 Image correction device and method, and image reading apparatus
31 8,902,367 Computer-readable storage medium storing image processing program, image processing device and image processing method
32 8,902,217 Image generating method
33 8,902,161 Device and method for detecting finger position
34 8,902,092 Analog-digital conversion circuit and method
35 8,902,029 Electromagnetic relay
36 8,902,007 Clock distributor and electronic device
37 8,901,960 FPGA mounted apparatus and FPGA configuration method
38 8,901,957 Processor and control method for processor
39 8,901,920 Connector, probe, and method of manufacturing probe
40 8,901,906 Control circuit and electronic apparatus using the same
41 8,901,751 Semiconductor device, electronic device, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
42 8,901,743 Fabrication of semiconductor device including chemical mechanical polishing
43 8,901,709 Electrical device having movable electrode
44 8,901,610 Compound semiconductor device
45 8,901,434 Board unit and method of fabricating the same
46 8,900,158 Exercise monitoring device, exercise monitoring program storage medium, and exercise monitoring method
47 8,900,014 Plug, jack, and connector