Fujitsu patents granted on 02 February 2016

39 US patents granted on 02 February 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,253,899 Electronic device and electronic device manufacturing method
2 9,253,750 Location model updating apparatus and location estimating method
3 9,253,721 Activation of supplementary transmission unit
4 9,253,687 Base station, mobile station, communication system, transmission method and reordering method
5 9,253,669 Network analysis method, information processing device, and computer-readable recording medium
6 9,253,625 Information management apparatus, information management method, and information management program
7 9,253,553 Transmission apparatus and switching method
8 9,253,530 Stream data management program, method and system
9 9,253,039 Device management system and device management apparatus
10 9,253,029 Communication monitor, occurrence prediction method, and recording medium
11 9,252,881 Amplitude noise squeezing on multi-amplitude modulated signals
12 9,252,840 Optical signal processing apparatus, transmission apparatus, and optical signal processing method
13 9,252,746 Control device, frequency control method, and receiving device
14 9,252,714 Transmission signal power control device and communication apparatus
15 9,252,558 Optical amplifier
16 9,252,541 Connector
17 9,252,513 Socket and electronic component mounting structure
18 9,252,254 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, and power supply apparatus
19 9,252,078 Semiconductor device
20 9,252,070 Three-dimensional mounting semiconductor device and method of manufacturing three-dimensional mounting semiconductor device
21 9,251,573 Device, method, and storage medium for high dynamic range imaging of a combined image having a moving object
22 9,251,362 Medium for storing control program, client apparatus, and control method for client apparatus
23 9,251,232 Database controller, method, and system for storing encoded triples
24 9,251,192 Information matching apparatus, information matching system and method of matching information for outputting matching result
25 9,251,084 Arithmetic processing apparatus, and cache memory control device and cache memory control method
26 9,251,032 Method, computer program, and information processing apparatus for analyzing performance of computer system
27 9,251,029 Locational prediction of failures
28 9,251,016 Storage system, storage control method, and storage control program
29 9,250,959 Recording medium virtual network control method and information processing apparatus for virtual network control
30 9,250,829 Storage system and method for managing storage apparatuses
31 9,250,806 Computer-readable recording medium, information processing device, and system
32 9,250,397 Optical connector
33 9,250,385 Optical transmission medium and optical amplifier
34 9,250,310 Method of positioning mobile terminal and mobile terminal
35 9,250,273 Current sensor
36 9,250,259 Object motion analysis apparatus, object motion analysis method, and storage medium
37 9,250,103 Optical rotary encoder with correction method reducing variation of a distance between a rotation body and a light receiving unit
38 9,250,028 Air conditioner
39 9,247,892 Heartbeat signal processing method