Fujitsu patents granted on 02 July 2013

40 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,479,205 Schedule control program and schedule control method
2 8,479,171 Generating test sets using intelligent variable selection and test set compaction
3 8,479,170 Generating software application user-input data through analysis of client-tier source code
4 8,479,168 Computer-readable recording medium storing verification support program, information processor, and verification support method
5 8,479,071 Information processing apparatus, history management method
6 8,479,045 Controller for disk array device, data transfer device, and method of power recovery process
7 8,479,005 Applet, archive file generation method, archive file generation program, and archive file generation device
8 8,478,984 Data encryption apparatus, data decryption apparatus, data encryption method, data decryption method, and data relay apparatus
9 8,478,935 Program, method, and device for communication processing
10 8,478,774 Information processing apparatus
11 8,478,654 Information providing device, method, and system
12 8,478,516 Method and system for providing navigation assistance on a mobile device
13 8,478,334 Wireless terminal device
14 8,478,322 Wireless communication apparatus and band assigning method
15 8,478,255 Portable terminal device, address book transfer device, information display method and address book transfer method used in portable terminal device, and computer program
16 8,478,194 Radio base station, relay station and radio communication method
17 8,478,138 Optical receiving device, optical receiving circuit, and method for receiving optical signals
18 8,478,137 Optical receiver
19 8,478,063 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
20 8,478,045 Method and apparatus for processing an image comprising characters
21 8,478,001 Image processing apparatus
22 8,477,777 Bridge apparatus and communication method
23 8,477,751 Mobile station communication device, inter-mobile station communication system, and inter-mobile station communication method
24 8,477,748 Base station and data transfer method
25 8,477,717 Base station of mobile communication system
26 8,477,643 Communication apparatus and method for controlling the communication apparatus
27 8,477,619 Method and system for distributed virtual traffic management
28 8,477,599 Method and system for implementing network element-level redundancy
29 8,477,598 Method and system for implementing network element-level redundancy
30 8,477,409 PLC-type delay demodulation circuit and PLC-type optical interferometer
31 8,477,384 Solid-state image pickup device and image pickup method
32 8,477,030 Optical amplifier module and dispersion compensation fiber loss detection method
33 8,477,000 Relay
34 8,476,881 Power control device, power supply device, and power control method
35 8,476,865 Control device and method for charge control
36 8,476,642 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
37 8,476,566 Library device and inclination correction method of movable unit provided in library device
38 8,476,346 Resist pattern thickening material, semiconductor device, and production method thereof
39 8,476,124 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
40 8,474,126 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device