Fujitsu patents granted on 02 June 2009

23 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,543,220 Control method for error detection & correction apparatus, error detection & correction apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium storing control program for error detection & correction apparatus
2 7,543,135 Processor and method for selectively processing instruction to be read using instruction code already in pipeline or already stored in prefetch buffer
3 7,543,098 Computer mainboard
4 7,543,083 Method, apparatus and computer product for identifying the type of peripheral
5 7,543,060 Service managing apparatus for keeping service quality by automatically allocating servers of light load to heavy task
6 7,543,029 Mailing list management system and electronic mail transmitting/receiving apparatus
7 7,542,766 Mobile communication system, compressed-mode controlling method for the same system, and base and mobile stations in the same system
8 7,542,677 Dispersion compensation method in optical communication system having optical add drop multiplexing capability
9 7,542,609 Device and method for image processing
10 7,542,532 Data transmission device and input/output interface circuit
11 7,542,506 Data receiver and equalizer adapter
12 7,542,480 Communication device
13 7,542,201 Semiconductor optical amplification device and optical integrated circuit
14 7,542,165 Dynamic image composition apparatus and method
15 7,541,721 Acoustic wave device
16 7,541,655 Semiconductor device and wiring method for semiconductor device
17 7,541,296 Method for forming insulating film, method for forming multilayer structure and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
18 7,541,246 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
19 7,541,236 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
20 7,541,120 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
21 7,540,968 Micro movable device and method of making the same using wet etching
22 7,540,428 RFID tag, RFID-tag antenna, RFID-tag antenna sheet, and method of manufacturing RFID tag
23 7,540,318 Heat sink