Fujitsu patents granted on 02 June 2015

29 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,049,794 Wiring substrate and method for manufacturing the wiring substrate
2 9,049,789 Mounting adapter, printed board, and manufacturing method thereof
3 9,049,727 Macro user equipment initiated evolved inter-cell interference coordination mechanism through private femtocells
4 9,049,719 Communication system, transmitting station, and mobile station, for determining allocation of frequency band used in communication
5 9,049,713 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
6 9,049,604 Communication system, method of detecting hole area, base station apparatus, and mobile station apparatus
7 9,049,284 Electronic device with partially illuminated annular input unit
8 9,049,280 Display unit and electronic apparatus including display unit
9 9,049,149 Minimal data loss load balancing on link aggregation groups
10 9,049,067 Receiver interface
11 9,049,059 Receiving circuit
12 9,049,048 Recording medium having communication program recorded therein, relay node and communication method
13 9,048,967 Asymmetric OTN network traffic support
14 9,048,966 Optical transmission apparatus
15 9,048,957 Signal processing circuit, optical receiver, detector and method for compensating for waveform distortion
16 9,048,955 Tunable dispersion compensation device, optical reception apparatus, and method for controlling tunable dispersion compensation
17 9,048,857 Analog-to-digital converter circuit and method of controlling analog-to-digital converter circuit
18 9,048,837 Cascode transistor and method of controlling cascode transistor
19 9,048,796 Transmission signal power control apparatus, communication apparatus and predistortion coefficient updating method
20 9,048,332 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor mounting substrate
21 9,047,916 Recording medium, category creating apparatus, and category creating method
22 9,047,506 Computer-readable recording medium storing authentication program, authentication device, and authentication method
23 9,047,360 Apparatus and method for controlling a computer system with at least two power supply units
24 9,047,232 Storage apparatus and controlling method for data transmission based on control information
25 9,047,219 Storage system, storage control device, and storage control method
26 9,047,113 Virtual machine migrating system and method
27 9,046,599 Object detection apparatus and method
28 9,046,284 Air conditioning apparatus
29 9,045,085 Object detector