Fujitsu patents granted on 02 March 2010

35 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,673,266 Timing analysis method and apparatus, computer-readable program and computer-readable storage medium
2 7,673,263 Method for verifying and representing hardware by decomposition and partitioning
3 7,673,216 Cache memory device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and cache control method
4 7,673,104 Information processing apparatus, system controller, local snoop control method, and local snoop control program recorded computer-readable recording medium
5 7,673,096 Control apparatus for controlling virtual storage
6 7,672,871 Self-checkout system with anti-theft deactivation device
7 7,672,846 Speech recognition system finding self-repair utterance in misrecognized speech without using recognized words
8 7,672,840 Voice speed control apparatus
9 7,672,755 Library device
10 7,672,692 Pointing device having improved operability, its control method and mobile telephone
11 7,672,585 Optical switch system
12 7,672,457 Computer-readable recording medium recording a wireless communication authentication program
13 7,672,382 OFDM receiving method and apparatus
14 7,672,341 Transmission apparatus and reception interface apparatus
15 7,672,329 Method and apparatus for multiplexing and demultiplexing data, and computer product
16 7,672,276 Base station apparatus and mobile communication system
17 7,672,245 Method, device, and system for detecting layer 2 loop
18 7,672,181 Semiconductor memory, test method of semiconductor memory and system
19 7,672,125 Electronic apparatus
20 7,672,123 Apparatus, data processing apparatus and heat radiating member
21 7,671,886 Video-phone terminal apparatus, image-shooting method, and computer product
22 7,671,872 Method and apparatus for determining chrominance space
23 7,671,849 Input device comprising thiophene derivative polymer and process for producing the same
24 7,671,709 Substrate and substrate module
25 7,671,417 Memory cell array, method of producing the same, and semiconductor memory device using the same
26 7,671,384 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having improved punch-through resistance and production method thereof, semiconductor integrated circuit device including a low-voltage transistor and a high-voltage transistor
27 7,671,298 Heating line pattern structure of defogger formed on rear window glass panel of motor vehicle and rear glass panel
28 7,671,281 Multilayer wiring circuit board
29 7,670,940 Plating method, semiconductor device fabrication method and circuit board fabrication method
30 7,670,925 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing same, and apparatus for designing same
31 7,670,873 Method of flip-chip mounting
32 7,670,759 Micro pattern forming method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
33 7,670,015 Optical switch controller and movable body controller
34 7,669,767 Tag access control system, tag access control method and tag access control program
35 7,669,563 Variable valve control apparatus