Fujitsu patents granted on 02 May 2006

34 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,039,926 Optical disk apparatus with fine tracking mechanism
2 7,039,905 Compiler device and computer-readable recording medium recorded with compiler program
3 7,039,903 Method of and device for collating data, and computer product
4 7,039,890 Integrated circuit layout method and program thereof permitting wire delay adjustment
5 7,039,889 Apparatus, method, and program for designing a mask and method for fabricating semiconductor devices
6 7,039,849 Data decoder and method of decoding data
7 7,039,779 Access monitor and access monitoring method for monitoring access between programs
8 7,039,472 Schedule execution managing apparatus and method
9 7,039,374 Transmitting and amplifying unit for wireless communication device
10 7,039,325 Communication system
11 7,039,324 Method, device, and system for regenerating optical signal
12 7,039,314 Communication system
13 7,039,235 Ruled line extracting apparatus for extracting ruled line from normal document image and method thereof
14 7,039,051 Data sending system
15 7,039,043 Voice data communication system
16 7,039,005 Protection switching in a communications network employing label switching
17 7,038,955 Semiconductor device and testing apparatus for semiconductor device
18 7,038,830 Micro-oscillation element
19 7,038,800 Communication apparatus and processing method of the same
20 7,038,769 Characteristic monitoring method of pumping light source for optical amplification and optical amplifier
21 7,038,604 Superconducting multi-stage sigma-delta modulator
22 7,038,529 Voltage stabilizer
23 7,038,520 Timing signal generating circuit and receiver circuit designed to speed up signal transmission
24 7,038,477 Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
25 7,038,283 Thin film transistor device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal panel
26 7,038,264 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
27 7,038,142 Circuit board and method for fabricating the same, and electronic device
28 7,037,803 Manufacture of semiconductor device having STI and semiconductor device manufactured
29 7,037,732 Method and device for cutting wire formed on semiconductor substrate
30 7,037,614 Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
31 7,037,445 Green phosphor and device using the same
32 7,037,161 Method of manufacturing flat panel displays utilizing a surface treating layer
33 7,036,727 Commodity sales system and method
34 7,036,390 Method for detecting human body in a vehicle