Fujitsu patents granted on 03 April 2007

31 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,200,753 Authentication apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
2 7,200,549 Method and equipment for encrypting/decrypting physical characteristic information, and identification system utilizing the physical characteristic information
3 7,200,510 Measurement control apparatus including interface circuits
4 7,200,419 Mobile electronic apparatus, and battery pack for the apparatus
5 7,200,394 Information distribution service system based on predicted changes in location of mobile information terminal
6 7,200,344 Receiver and method for a multichannel optical communication system
7 7,200,343 Drive control apparatus and drive control method for optical modulator
8 7,200,338 Method and system for communicating a clock signal over an optical link
9 7,200,333 Optical communication apparatus, system, and method that properly compensate for chromatic dispersion
10 7,200,332 System and method for assigning traffic to wavelengths in optical networks
11 7,200,297 Device using a virtually-imaged phased array (VIPA) with an improved transmission wave characteristic of output light
12 7,200,220 Portable telephone maintenance service system and maintenance service method
13 7,200,116 Communication device and method, and system
14 7,200,059 Semiconductor memory and burn-in test method of semiconductor memory
15 7,200,051 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power supply startup sequence
16 7,200,029 Ferroelectric storage device
17 7,199,999 Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
18 7,199,985 Magnetic sensor, magnetic head, magnetic encoder and hard disk device
19 7,199,859 Exposure equipment and control method of the same
20 7,199,751 Radar equipment
21 7,199,745 Successive approximation A/D converter provided with a sample-hold amplifier
22 7,199,718 RFID tag with thermal conductive cover
23 7,199,653 Semiconductor device with operation mode set by external resistor
24 7,199,600 Semiconductor device testing method and testing equipment
25 7,199,467 Semiconductor device with improved heat dissipation, and a method of making semiconductor device
26 7,199,426 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
27 7,199,307 Structure and method for embedding capacitors in z-connected multi-chip modules
28 7,199,054 Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
29 7,199,044 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
30 7,198,960 Method for fabricating ferroelectric capacitor
31 7,197,813 Method of accurate evaluation on magnetoresistive read element