Fujitsu patents granted on 03 April 2012

38 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,151,367 Information processing system
2 8,151,340 Data relay device and data relay method
3 8,151,226 Coordinated-design supporting apparatus, coordinated-design supporting method, computer product, printed-circuit-board manufacturing method, circuit-design supporting apparatus, circuit-design supporting method, computer product, and printed-circuit-board manufacturing method
4 8,151,216 Electronic apparatus and list display method of electronic apparatus
5 8,151,162 Encoding device, decoding device, encoding/decoding device, and recording/reproducing device
6 8,151,152 Latch circuit including data input terminal and scan data input terminal, and semiconductor device and control method
7 8,151,148 Connection monitoring method, connection monitoring apparatus, and connection monitoring system
8 8,151,115 Computer including at least one connector for a replaceable storage medium, and method for starting and operating a computer via a replaceable storage medium
9 8,151,097 Multi-threaded system with branch
10 8,151,028 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
11 8,150,949 Computing apparatus
12 8,150,829 Facilitating display of an interactive and dynamic cloud of terms related to one or more input terms
13 8,150,809 File delete method, file open method, storage medium storing file delete program, and storage medium storing file open program
14 8,150,661 Design support system, method and storage medium for a route design for a deformable linear structure
15 8,150,459 Information apparatus and controlling method thereof
16 8,150,347 Radio communications method, transmitter, and receiver
17 8,150,331 Method for adapting the signal transmission between two electronic devices, as well as arrangement with a computer system and a peripheral device
18 8,150,311 Communication system
19 8,150,258 Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
20 8,150,221 Fiber collimator array
21 8,150,171 Apparatus for and method of decoding moving picture, and computer product
22 8,150,104 Moving object detection apparatus and computer readable storage medium storing moving object detection program
23 8,150,010 Phone communication controlling method
24 8,149,944 MIMO communication system and transmission station
25 8,149,935 Digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast receiving apparatus
26 8,149,883 Data receiving device, data receiving method, and computer product
27 8,149,856 Packet relay device and queue scheduling method
28 8,149,644 Memory system and method that changes voltage and frequency
29 8,149,101 Display device with anti-crime security function
30 8,149,033 Phase control device, phase-control printed board, and control method
31 8,149,026 Driver circuit and adjustment method therefor
32 8,148,820 Formed product of line-structured substance composed of carbon element, and method of forming the same
33 8,148,798 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
34 8,148,262 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
35 8,147,646 Semiconductor device producing method
36 8,147,294 Capillary, capillary polishing method, and capillary polishing apparatus
37 8,147,274 Connector
38 8,147,263 Mobile terminal device