Fujitsu patents granted on 03 February 2015

37 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,949,967 Information management apparatus, information management method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
2 8,949,811 Constructing a control flow graph for a software program
3 8,949,681 Correction apparatus, correction method, and computer product
4 8,949,634 Storage device connected to a superior device and method of supplying power to the storage device
5 8,949,632 Power control apparatus for controlling power according to change amount of thermal fluid analysis in power consumption for cooling servers in server room
6 8,949,019 Communication device, mobile terminal, medium, information generation method, and system
7 8,948,925 Video processing device for determining video information status using analysis target specifying unit
8 8,948,825 Portable terminal device
9 8,948,615 Optical receiver and communication system
10 8,948,606 Semiconductor optical amplifier
11 8,948,598 System and method for increasing upstream capacity in an optical network
12 8,948,597 Network design apparatus
13 8,948,593 Optical network interconnect device
14 8,948,464 Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method
15 8,948,381 Conditional key generation based on expiration date of data
16 8,948,299 Pulse converting and shaping communication device
17 8,948,123 Enhanced control signals multiplexed with data signals
18 8,948,096 Transmission method, radio base station and mobile station
19 8,948,050 Distribution system, distribution method, and memory medium thereof
20 8,948,033 Communication system, communication apparatus, and ring network monitoring method
21 8,947,990 Tape device and method of controlling tape device
22 8,947,890 Fixing component for detachably coupling an electronic component to an electronic apparatus
23 8,947,865 Mobile terminal device
24 8,947,767 Excitation light source for raman amplification, raman amplifier, and optical transmission system
25 8,947,533 Parameter determining device, parameter determining system, parameter determining method, and recording medium
26 8,947,494 Pointer information processing device, computer-readable recording medium and conference system
27 8,947,483 Printer and mark detection method
28 8,947,469 Display device and display control device
29 8,947,381 Display device
30 8,947,286 Analog/digital converter
31 8,947,138 Phase adjustment circuit and interface circuit
32 8,947,135 Output circuit and voltage signal output method
33 8,946,857 Semiconductor device for effectively disperse heat generated from heat generating device
34 8,945,944 Device and method for quantitatively determining an analyte, a method for determining an effective size of a molecule, a method for attaching molecules to a substrate, and a device for detecting molecules
35 8,945,822 Resist pattern thickening material, method for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
36 8,945,816 Method for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and production method thereof
37 8,944,833 Card connector and electronic apparatus