Fujitsu patents granted on 03 January 2006

18 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 6,983,383 Method for providing priority to an ac adaptor if the input to the ac adaptor is above a predetermined value even if the power supply via an interface is present
2 6,983,309 Electronic apparatus transmitting electronic mail including image information, a control apparatus, and a storage medium
3 6,983,302 Document managing control system and computer-readable recording medium to record document managing control program
4 6,983,262 Server having an automatic management mechanism
5 6,983,163 Multipoint communication method and communication control device
6 6,983,061 Personal authentication system and method using biometrics information, and registering apparatus, authenticating apparatus and pattern information input medium for the system
7 6,982,989 Transmission of data frames using low-overhead encapsulation and multiple virtual tributaries in a synchronous optical network
8 6,982,980 Network management apparatus
9 6,982,942 Data recording and/or reproducing apparatus for demodulating data from a reproduction signal
10 6,982,937 Data reproducing apparatus
11 6,982,880 Foldaway electronic device and flexible cable for same
12 6,982,875 Attaching device for mounting and fixing a semiconductor device and a heat sink provided on the semiconductor device on a board, a mount board having the board, the semiconductor device, and the heat sink, and an attaching method of the semiconductor device and the heat sink provided on the semiconductor device on the board
13 6,982,685 Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
14 6,982,618 Actuator
15 6,982,596 Operational transconductance amplifier and AGC amplifier using the same
16 6,982,441 Semiconductor device with a super lattice buffer
17 6,981,898 Connector
18 6,981,633 Point of sales terminal, point of sales system, and method for managing cash-on hand information