Fujitsu patents granted on 03 January 2012

40 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D651,601 Portable information terminal unit
2 8,091,015 Digital document management system, digital document management method, and digital document management program
3 8,090,991 Information processing apparatus, method, and computer program product for self-diagnosis for utilizing multiple diagnostic devices, each having exclusive access to a resource
4 8,090,990 Abnormal pattern detection program for function call in source program
5 8,090,986 System module and data relay method
6 8,090,975 Recovery server for recovering managed server
7 8,090,915 Packet transmission control apparatus and method
8 8,090,912 Multiprocessor system, system board, and cache replacement request handling method
9 8,090,895 Information processing system, information processing device, control method for information processing device, and computer-readable recording medium
10 8,090,868 Load balancer having band control function and setting method thereof
11 8,090,804 Automatic service apparatus and automatic service system
12 8,090,682 Method and device for editing composite content file and reproduction apparatus
13 8,090,310 Radio base station, relay station, and relay method
14 8,090,266 Optically coupling components of a transceiver
15 8,090,259 System and method for optimizing the selection of ghost channels in mitigating polarization hole burning
16 8,090,228 Photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
17 8,090,147 Matching object and reference pattern images using search window size widths and heights to predict object collision
18 8,090,138 Audio devices for vehicles
19 8,090,064 Single loop frequency and phase detection
20 8,090,020 Moving picture encoding device, fade scene detection device and storage medium
21 8,089,994 Processing apparatus and method of processing and method of making leaf spring
22 8,089,979 Packet relay apparatus and packet relay method
23 8,089,965 Apparatus and method for transferring frames through aggregated communication links
24 8,089,936 Communications system, communications processing method, and nodes
25 8,089,930 Wireless communication control method and radio terminal
26 8,089,928 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a transparent multi-hop relay network
27 8,089,877 Method, system, program, and readable storage medium for providing service quality guarantee to network service
28 8,089,876 Packet transmission apparatus and packet transmission method
29 8,089,808 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and reading method, writing method and erasing method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
30 8,089,779 Data processing system
31 8,089,775 Multileveled printed circuit board unit including substrate interposed between stacked bumps
32 8,089,712 Abnormality determining apparatus
33 8,089,308 Phase controlling apparatus, phase-control printed board, and controlling method
34 8,089,162 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
35 8,089,146 Semiconductor device and heat radiation member
36 8,089,138 Surface-hydrophobicized film, material for formation of surface-hydrophobicized film, wiring layer, semiconductor device and process for producing semiconductor device
37 8,088,666 Semiconductor device manufacture method including process of implanting impurity into gate electrode independently from source/drain and semiconductor device manufactured by the method
38 8,088,556 Thiopyran derivative, polymer, resist composition, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using such resist composition
39 8,087,944 Connector and connector combination for balanced transmission
40 8,087,839 Printer with frame produced by press-forming sheet metal