Fujitsu patents granted on 03 July 2012

32 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,214,823 Cluster system, process for updating software, service provision node, and computer-readable medium storing service provision program
2 8,214,785 Method and device for estimating simultaneous switching noise in semiconductor device, and storage medium
3 8,214,686 Distributed processing method
4 8,214,628 Computer performance monitoring by associating counter values with particular processes when an interrupt is detected
5 8,214,620 Computer-readable recording medium storing data storage program, computer, and method thereof
6 8,214,565 Communication apparatus, KVM switch and communication control method
7 8,214,198 Translation supporting program, apparatus, and method
8 8,214,189 Performance evaluation simulation
9 8,214,076 Alignment adjusting apparatus, library apparatus, and alignment adjusting method
10 8,214,002 Portable terminal
11 8,213,976 Communicating system, server, communicating terminal, and recording medium
12 8,213,805 Optical communication system, method of measuring optical transmission line in the optical communication system, transmitting station, and receiving station
13 8,213,798 Optical transmission apparatus, wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system and optical transmission method
14 8,213,776 Selecting device, selecting method, and selecting program storage medium
15 8,213,736 Image processing device and image processing method
16 8,213,535 Transmitting apparatus with bit arrangement method
17 8,213,529 Method for MIMO decoding, apparatus for MIMO decoding, and MIMO receiver
18 8,213,494 Sign-based general zero-forcing adaptive equalizer control
19 8,213,445 Communication device and method for controlling the output of packets
20 8,213,356 Communication systems
21 8,213,327 Communication quality measurement system, device, management server and method thereof
22 8,213,325 Packet analysis method, packet analysis apparatus, recording medium storing packet analysis program
23 8,213,253 Semiconductor memory
24 8,213,166 Electronic device
25 8,213,159 Electrode foil, method of manufacturing electrode foil, and electrolytic capacitor
26 8,213,109 Library storage apparatus having maintenance program to detect removal of a drive device and move a robot to close the load port of the removed drive
27 8,213,078 Raman amplifier and raman amplifier adjustment method
28 8,212,815 Drawing apparatus, drawing program, and drawing method
29 8,212,447 Magnet embedded rotor, electric motor using the same rotor, and compressor using the same motor
30 8,212,300 Semiconductor device
31 8,210,860 Connector and device including the same
32 8,209,829 Method of fabricating the electronic device