Fujitsu patents granted on 03 March 2015

43 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,972,996 Information processing apparatus, computer-readable medium storing information processing program, and information processing method
2 8,972,949 Rule-based method for proving unsatisfiable conditions in a mixed numeric and string solver
3 8,972,924 Method for changing string arrangement, recording medium for string arrangement changing program, and information processor
4 8,972,872 Building computing applications based upon metadata
5 8,972,822 Memory module and semiconductor storage device
6 8,972,777 Method and system for storage management
7 8,972,771 Connection control apparatus, storage system, and control method of connection control apparatus
8 8,972,741 Method of modification of authorization details for a biometrics authentication device, biometrics authentication method, and biometrics authentication device
9 8,972,688 Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips
10 8,972,687 Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips
11 8,972,686 Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips
12 8,972,635 Processor and information processing apparatus
13 8,972,634 Storage system and data transfer method
14 8,972,619 Processing system, communication apparatus, and processing apparatus
15 8,972,365 Storage system and storage device
16 8,972,248 Band broadening apparatus and method
17 8,972,079 Conditional vehicle remote starting
18 8,971,871 Radio base station, control apparatus, and abnormality detection method
19 8,971,828 Predistortion device, method for predistortion, and transmitter/receiver system that reuse an analog receiving circuit in a half duplexing system and a full duplexing system, and that reduce the requirement on the analog receiving circuit
20 8,971,724 Optical transmission apparatus and characteristic compensation method
21 8,971,700 Bidirectional monitor module, optical module, optical add-drop multiplexer, and optical system
22 8,971,691 Signature device and signature method
23 8,971,472 Signal processing circuit and method
24 8,971,460 Wireless receiving apparatus
25 8,971,447 Variable delay of data signals
26 8,971,409 Encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
27 8,971,382 Code generating apparatus, reference signal generating apparatus, and methods thereof
28 8,971,266 Method and apparatus for conveying downlink scheduling signaling
29 8,971,187 Communication relay device, communication relay system, and method of controlling communication relay device
30 8,971,174 Restart method and node device
31 8,971,172 Network and fault recovery method
32 8,971,170 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
33 8,971,077 Power supply circuit, mobile terminals using the same, and control method of the same
34 8,970,946 Optical signal processing apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical relay apparatus
35 8,970,723 Device and method for image processing capable of tracking target object
36 8,970,493 Information processing device for changing cursor display position, computer readable non-transitory recording medium, and information processing method
37 8,970,007 Semiconductor device and process for producing semiconductor device
38 8,969,921 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
39 8,969,919 Field-effect transistor
40 8,969,159 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
41 8,968,498 Crystal-oscillator fabricating apparatus and method
42 8,967,893 Printer with cutter protection mechanism
43 8,967,522 Paper sheet receiving/dispensing apparatus