Fujitsu patents granted on 03 May 2011

35 US patents granted on 03 May 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE42,326 Mobile communication system enabling efficient use of small-zone base stations
2 7,937,708 Computer system and method for allocating computational power based on a two stage process
3 7,937,680 Method and apparatus for verifying specification, and computer product
4 7,937,645 Semiconductor memory
5 7,937,630 Semiconductor memory and method for testing the same
6 7,937,613 Central processing apparatus
7 7,937,544 Apparatus, method and computer product for data backup and synchronization
8 7,937,540 Storage-access control system for preventing unauthorized access to a storage device
9 7,937,185 Stable motion control system and method for a legged mobile robot
10 7,937,119 Mobile terminal with TV and radio and power conservation
11 7,937,116 Electronic device, incoming call notification control method, and incoming call notification control program
12 7,937,114 Mobile phone display processing control of single buffering or double buffering based on change in image data
13 7,937,112 Base station apparatus, communication method, and computer readable storage medium storing program thereof
14 7,936,998 Optical transmitter apparatus
15 7,936,993 Chromatic dispersion compensating apparatus
16 7,936,939 Microinjection apparatus and automatic focal point adjustment method
17 7,936,845 Apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium for setting signal correction-magnitude
18 7,936,838 Wireless communication system, receiving apparatus, modulating method for use therein, and program therefor
19 7,936,792 Method and circuit for asynchronous transmission
20 7,936,791 Frame transmission system and frame transmission apparatus
21 7,936,749 Node device for transfering supervisory control information in photonic network
22 7,936,735 Radio communication apparatus and transmission method
23 7,936,733 Radio communication apparatus
24 7,936,579 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device group
25 7,936,509 Wavelength locker
26 7,936,375 Image processor, imaging device, and image processing system use with image memory
27 7,936,296 AD converter, data receiver and data reception method
28 7,936,273 RFID tag manufacturing methods and RFID tags
29 7,936,156 DC-DC converter and control method thereof
30 7,935,996 Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
31 7,935,891 Wiring board manufacturing method
32 7,935,630 Wiring structure and wiring designing method
33 7,935,624 Fabrication method of semiconductor device having a barrier layer containing Mn
34 7,935,573 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
35 7,934,539 Electronic apparatus and cooling module