Fujitsu patents granted on 03 May 2016

38 US patents granted on 03 May 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,332,543 Mobile radio device and determining method
2 9,332,532 Radio transmission apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, radio communication apparatus, radio transmission method, and radio receiving method
3 9,332,481 Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, transmitting terminal, and receiving terminal
4 9,332,326 Optical transmission device and monitoring method of optical signal
5 9,332,272 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and computer product
6 9,332,214 Video signal adjustment system and method for controlling the same
7 9,332,016 Web server, information providing method, and information providing system
8 9,331,959 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
9 9,331,934 Packet distribution system, control device and control method for controlling distribution of content packet
10 9,331,927 Communication system, communication device, and communication method
11 9,331,924 Distribution route construction method and terminal device
12 9,331,874 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
13 9,331,870 Switch, information processing apparatus, and information processing system
14 9,331,808 Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
15 9,331,796 Mobile user terminal, mobile communication system, base station, and communication method
16 9,331,752 Memory including wireless communication capability
17 9,331,705 Timing adjustment circuit, clock generation circuit, and method for timing adjustment
18 9,331,685 Comparator system
19 9,331,677 Oscillator with adjustable frequency
20 9,331,190 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
21 9,330,872 Electromagnetic relay
22 9,330,871 Relay
23 9,330,679 Voice processing device, voice processing method
24 9,330,678 Voice control device, voice control method, and portable terminal device
25 9,330,555 Tracking exposure to electromagnetic fields
26 9,330,270 Encryption processing device and authentication method
27 9,330,212 Recording medium in which circuit simulator program is stored, and device and method for generating eye pattern
28 9,330,207 Support method, recording medium, and design support device to calculate a volume of a three-dimensional model
29 9,330,153 System, method, and computer readable medium that coordinates between devices using exchange of log files
30 9,330,114 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium storing computer program for performing data processing
31 9,330,008 Information processing device for detecting sequential accesses and prefetching
32 9,329,998 Information processing apparatus and scheduling method
33 9,329,981 Testing program, testing method, and testing device
34 9,329,959 Device and method for performing regression testing on bios boot information
35 9,329,944 Storage system, storage apparatus, and data restoration method
36 9,329,902 Information processing method of controlling variation in a number of processes, storage medium, and information processing device
37 9,329,898 Method and apparatus for job management
38 9,329,891 Communication apparatus and communication method