Fujitsu patents granted on 03 October 2006

38 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE39,317 System for server obtaining terminal address via searching address table or via broadcasting to all terminals through exchange in response to terminal address interrogation request
2 D529,595 Air conditioner
3 7,117,492 Exclusive access controlling apparatus, exclusive access controlling method and recording medium recorded with exclusive access controlling program, for electronic information
4 7,117,397 Apparatus and method for preventing an erroneous operation at the time of detection of a system failure
5 7,117,394 Built-in self-test circuit
6 7,117,383 Phase difference delay control system for accommodating fluctuation in phase difference in distance measuring system
7 7,117,344 Processor execution, pipeline sharing instruction, and data source path
8 7,117,315 Method and apparatus for creating a load module and a computer product thereof
9 7,117,265 System for controlling communications in a network based on a previous place name and relocated place name displayed on terminals of current conversation participants
10 7,117,255 Server with mechanism for preventing double registration of information provided by client browser
11 7,117,253 Information management system retrieving recorded information version from server-side or duplicate local-side information storage
12 7,116,999 Mobile communications receiving apparatus and method
13 7,116,918 Optical transmission system using in-line amplifiers
14 7,116,913 Optical transmission system and dispersion compensator
15 7,116,907 Acousto-optical tunable filters cascaded together
16 7,116,905 Method and system for control signaling in an open ring optical network
17 7,116,904 Optical communications system
18 7,116,804 Computer readadle medium recording handwritten signature authentication program, and handwritten signature authentication method and apparatus
19 7,116,791 Microphone array system
20 7,116,744 Clock recovery circuit and receiver circuit for improving the error rate of signal reproduction
21 7,116,609 Optical storage system and control method
22 7,116,604 Semiconductor memory device and method for selecting multiple word lines in a semiconductor memory device
23 7,116,582 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of operating the same
24 7,116,533 Magnetoresistive sensor
25 7,116,528 Magnetoresistive element having current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure and having improved magnetic domain control
26 7,116,521 Head slider and disk drive employing same head slider, and method for providing water repellent treatment to same head slider
27 7,116,344 Handy thermal head printer
28 7,116,288 Driving method of plasma display panel and display device
29 7,116,268 Position measuring apparatus
30 7,116,258 A/D converter, D/A converter and voltage source
31 7,116,254 Complex type sigma-delta analog to digital conversion unit and receiver
32 7,116,184 Method of terminating bus, bus termination resistor, and wiring substrate having terminated buses and method of its manufacture
33 7,116,146 Digital DLL device, digital DLL control method, and digital DLL control program
34 7,116,059 Display device and display panel device
35 7,115,994 Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating semiconductor device
36 7,115,444 Semiconductor device with improved heat dissipation, and a method of making semiconductor device
37 7,115,330 Magnetic recording medium with CR <110> preferred growth along a predetermined direction, method of producing the same and magnetic storage apparatus
38 7,115,328 Master disk for transferring magnetic pattern and magnetic recording medium