Fujitsu patents granted on 04 August 2015

36 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,101,079 Cooling unit and electronic equipment
2 9,100,965 Apparatus and method for multiplexing data of a layer into data transmission unit of another layer
3 9,100,875 Base station, mobile station, communication system, transmission method and reordering method
4 9,100,864 Operation monitoring apparatus, cause event estimating method for the same, and information communication network system
5 9,100,798 Apparatus and method for performing wireless communciation access stations via a mobile terminal
6 9,100,672 Data transmitting device and data transmitting and receiving system
7 9,100,582 Image capturing method and image capturing apparatus for illuminating subject
8 9,100,263 Distortion compensation apparatus and distortion compensation method
9 9,100,244 Registration method and registration apparatus
10 9,100,185 Encryption processing apparatus and method
11 9,100,157 Likelihood weighting circuit
12 9,100,137 Crosstalk reduction in optical networks using variable subcarrier spectral allocation
13 9,100,118 Transmission device and transmission system
14 9,100,117 Apparatus and method for switching a communication path
15 9,100,036 Receiving device and data interpolation processing method
16 9,099,977 Amplifier circuit
17 9,099,822 Connector having a housing and a fixed contact with first and second fixing portions secured to the housing
18 9,099,464 Semiconductor device having capacitor capable of reducing additional processes and its manufacture method
19 9,099,448 Three-dimensional system-level packaging methods and structures
20 9,099,422 Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
21 9,099,198 Semiconductor memory apparatus
22 9,099,088 Utterance state detection device and utterance state detection method
23 9,098,962 Automatic transaction apparatus and automatic transaction system
24 9,098,756 Biometric authentication device and adjustment method for position of hand of user in biometric authentication device
25 9,098,755 Biometrics authentication apparatus, biometrics authentication system, and biometrics authentication method
26 9,098,656 Computer-readable recording medium in which thermal hydraulic simulation program is stored, thermal hydraulic simulating device, and method for thermal hydraulic simulation
27 9,098,651 Computer-readable recoding medium in which thermal fluid simulation program is stored, thermal fluid simulating device, and method for thermal fluid simulation
28 9,098,414 Multi-core processor system, computer product, and control method
29 9,098,360 Program, information processing apparatus, and event processing method
30 9,098,283 Switched-mode power supply unit, method of operation and use of a switched-mode power supply unit in a computer
31 9,098,199 Data receiver, clock generation device, and method for controlling data receiver
32 9,098,184 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium for storing information processing program
33 9,098,135 Tablet terminal and recording medium
34 9,098,107 Proximity determination method, proximity determination device, and proximity determination system
35 9,097,862 Connector
36 9,096,233 Visual confirmation evaluating apparatus and method