Fujitsu patents granted on 04 January 2011

31 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,865,961 Computer system, central unit, and program execution method
2 7,865,935 Electronic apparatus having security function
3 7,865,733 Secure processor and a program for a secure processor
4 7,865,718 Computer-readable recording medium recording remote control program, portable terminal device and gateway device
5 7,865,656 Storage controller and storage control method
6 7,865,635 Buffer device, buffer arrangement method, and information processing apparatus
7 7,865,611 Content delivery method and communication terminal apparatus
8 7,865,146 Transmission power balancing in multi-hop communication systems
9 7,865,082 Optical receiver and controlling method thereof, and optical transmission system
10 7,864,892 Control method and apparatus for receiving optical signal
11 7,864,888 Transmission mode/guard length detection circuit and method therefor
12 7,864,781 Information processing apparatus, method and program utilizing a communication adapter
13 7,864,750 Load distributing apparatus and load distributing method
14 7,864,695 Traffic load density measuring system, traffic load density measuring method, transmitter, receiver, and recording medium
15 7,864,677 Policer device and bandwidth control
16 7,864,668 Communication apparatus and path switching method
17 7,864,666 Communication control apparatus, method and program thereof
18 7,864,626 Interface circuit, memory interface system, and data reception method
19 7,864,621 Compiled memory, ASIC chip, and layout method for compiled memory
20 7,864,576 Nonvolatile memory cell array architecture for high speed reading
21 7,864,555 Production method for semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device
22 7,864,523 Cooling device for accommodated printed circuit board in a chassis
23 7,864,116 Mounting structure of antenna device
24 7,863,987 Clock signal generating and distributing apparatus
25 7,863,948 Clock frequency dividing circuit
26 7,863,939 Signal detecting apparatus, signal receiving apparatus, and signal detecting method
27 7,863,745 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of the semiconductor device, and mounting method of the semiconductor device
28 7,863,664 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
29 7,863,524 Interposer and method for manufacturing the same
30 7,863,195 Chemical solution feeding apparatus and method for preparing slurry
31 7,861,731 Cleaning/drying apparatus and cleaning/drying method