Fujitsu patents granted on 04 October 2011

46 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE42,806 Navigation apparatus
2 8,032,929 Safety judgment method, safety judgment system, safety judgment apparatus, first authentication apparatus, and computer program product
3 8,032,921 Computer-readable recording medium storing access rights management program, access rights management apparatus, and access rights management method
4 8,032,869 Profiling method and computer product
5 8,032,844 Semiconductor device manufacturing method, data generating apparatus, data generating method and recording medium readable by computer recoded with data generating program
6 8,032,819 CSA 5-3 compressor circuit and carry-save adder circuit using same
7 8,032,807 Scan control method, scan control circuit and apparatus
8 8,032,802 Storage device, memory, terminal, server, server-client system, storage medium, and control device
9 8,032,796 Monitoring apparatus and method of monitoring by a carrier
10 8,032,794 Error processing method and information processing apparatus
11 8,032,793 Method of controlling information processing system, information processing system, direct memory access control device and program
12 8,032,789 Apparatus maintenance system and method
13 8,032,784 Duplication combination management program, duplication combination management apparatus, and duplication combination management method
14 8,032,717 Memory control apparatus and method using retention tags
15 8,032,679 Device and method for controlling network processing mode, and non-transitory computer-readable medium recording program for controlling network processing mode
16 8,032,677 Selection circuit and packet processing apparatus
17 8,032,339 Element grouping method for finite element method analysis, and computer-readable storage medium
18 8,032,195 Portable device, acoustic component disposition method and acoustic component assembly
19 8,032,146 Radio resource management in multihop relay networks
20 8,032,035 Light detecting apparatus and output light intensity controller
21 8,032,028 Optical add/drop device
22 8,032,026 Optical transmission apparatus, optical interface device, and optical transmission method
23 8,031,986 Optical control device
24 8,031,948 Shape comparison apparatus on contour decomposition and correspondence
25 8,031,916 Biometric information input apparatus
26 8,031,859 Stagnation-judgment device and computer product
27 8,031,817 Receiver device, error detection circuit, and receiving method
28 8,031,797 Interference power estimating device and interference power estimating method
29 8,031,640 Packet transmission apparatus, packet forwarding method and packet transmission system
30 8,031,459 Movable micro-device
31 8,031,395 Optical transmission system using Raman amplifier and controlling method thereof
32 8,031,394 Wavelength conversion system, optical integrated device and wavelength conversion method
33 8,031,091 Reception circuit, method of creating AD converter conversion table of reception circuit, and signal transfer system
34 8,030,732 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
35 8,030,710 Strained semiconductor device
36 8,030,692 Solid state image sensing device
37 8,030,686 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
38 8,030,638 Quasi single crystal nitride semiconductor layer grown over polycrystalline SiC substrate
39 8,030,578 Electronic component and substrate unit
40 8,030,245 Agricultural chemical component and decomposer for residual agricultural chemical
41 8,030,207 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
42 8,030,164 Compound semiconductor structure
43 8,029,760 Method of manufacturing carbon nanotube
44 8,029,255 Lubricating oil circulating device for compressor
45 8,029,171 Fixing structure of light emitting diode and electronic apparatus
46 8,028,990 Paper thickness detecting apparatus with applying electrodes