Fujitsu patents granted on 05 February 2008

29 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,328,452 Method and device for coping with illegal accesses to a data server
2 7,328,422 Design support apparatus, design support program and design support method for supporting design of semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,328,298 Apparatus and method for controlling I/O between different interface standards and method of identifying the apparatus
4 7,328,223 Storage management system and method
5 7,328,213 Transaction processing method, transaction control apparatus and program thereof
6 7,328,178 Content billing method, and content billing system and content billing apparatus using the content billing method
7 7,328,175 Method and apparatus for transaction brokerage and program recording medium thereof
8 7,328,168 Daily delivered articles order optimization support system, method, and storage medium therefor
9 7,328,127 Computer-readable recording medium recording system performance monitoring program, and system performance monitoring method and apparatus
10 7,328,041 High-frequency switch module
11 7,328,020 Mobile-service switching center, base station controller, multicall communication mode supporting terminal and method of changing number of calls in multicall communication mode
12 7,328,019 Communication environment measurement method for mobile station and the mobile station
13 7,327,987 Base station control equipment, radio base station equipment, radio terminal equipment, and mobile communication system
14 7,327,954 Optical signaling to share active channel information
15 7,327,892 JPEG2000 encoder
16 7,327,854 Capture device
17 7,327,745 Packet transmission system and a terminal apparatus
18 7,327,627 Semiconductor memory
19 7,327,599 Semiconductor memory device
20 7,327,528 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
21 7,327,512 Optical waveform monitor apparatus and oscilloscope
22 7,327,191 Distortion compensating apparatus and method
23 7,327,180 Information processing apparatus with adjustable system clock
24 7,326,989 Thin film capacitor and its manufacture method
25 7,326,916 Optical submarine transmission system
26 7,326,648 Semiconductor device and fabrication process of forming silicide layer on a polysilicon pattern by reducing thickness of metal layer before forming silicide layer on the polysilicon pattern
27 7,326,289 Film containing a photo-catalyst apatite, its formation method, coating liquid, and electronic device having portion coated with photo-catalyst apatite-containing film
28 7,325,459 Identifying unit for working machine and pressure apparatus
29 7,325,298 Pressure apparatus and chip mounter