Fujitsu patents granted on 05 July 2016

29 US patents granted on 05 July 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,386,728 Server and method for cooling a server
2 9,386,700 Method of manufacturing circuit board, method of manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device
3 9,386,411 Radio access system, controlling apparatus, and terminal apparatus
4 9,386,390 Information processing apparatus and sound processing method
5 9,386,359 Selecting metadata for sensor data streams
6 9,386,118 Online progressive content placement in a content centric network
7 9,386,017 Authentication device, system and method
8 9,385,961 Parallel computing device, communication control device, and communication control method
9 9,385,951 Apparatus and method for controlling packet transfer based on registered destination information
10 9,385,919 Information processing apparatus and setting information management method
11 9,385,894 Receiving circuit and data decision method
12 9,385,861 Wireless device and method for controlling wireless device
13 9,385,827 Transmission apparatus and method
14 9,385,573 Rotor of compressor motor having a balance weight stably positioned
15 9,385,209 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
16 9,385,121 Tipless transistors, short-tip transistors, and methods and circuits therefor
17 9,385,047 Integrated circuits having a plurality of high-K metal gate FETs with various combinations of channel foundation structure and gate stack structure and methods of making same
18 9,384,900 Electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
19 9,384,860 Semiconductor memory of which defective cell is replaceable with redundant cell and manufacturing method of semiconductor memory
20 9,384,797 Memory control method and system
21 9,384,682 Electronic circuit, electronic apparatus, and authentication system
22 9,384,077 Storage control apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus
23 9,384,050 Scheduling method and scheduling system for multi-core processor system
24 9,384,046 Information processing apparatus, computer product, and information processing method for multi-thread process
25 9,384,031 Information processor apparatus, virtual machine management method and virtual machine management program
26 9,383,944 Data access analysis using entropy rate
27 9,383,779 Information processing device
28 9,383,440 Radar apparatus and signal processing method
29 9,382,938 Sprung washer and fixing device