Fujitsu patents granted on 05 June 2012

47 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,196,173 Video transmission system and video relayer device
2 8,196,084 Voltage fluctuation estimating method and apparatus, semiconductor device operation verification apparatus, semiconductor device designing method, printed circuit board designing method, and program
3 8,196,028 Error detection device
4 8,196,021 Apparatus and method for frame transmission
5 8,195,985 Network monitor and control apparatus
6 8,195,847 Storage control apparatus, storage system and method
7 8,195,729 Signal processing apparatus and the correcting method
8 8,195,686 Search method and search program
9 8,195,681 Searching device, searching method and recording medium
10 8,195,256 Information terminal device
11 8,195,222 Shared phone, medium having recorded therein program for controlling shared phone, and method for controlling shared phone
12 8,195,132 Information transfer control apparatus and information transfer control method for transferring content
13 8,195,113 Mobile station and base stations
14 8,195,053 Optical signal processing device
15 8,195,052 Optical wavelength multiplexing system, optical wavelength multiplexing method, and computer product
16 8,195,050 Optical transmission apparatus, subscriber apparatus and optical communication system
17 8,194,999 Image generating apparatus, image generating method and computer product
18 8,194,984 Image processing system that removes noise contained in image data
19 8,194,912 Method and apparatus for analyzing image, and computer product
20 8,194,764 Phase tracking circuit and radio receiver using the same
21 8,194,727 Equalizer characteristics optimizing method and transmission system
22 8,194,704 Network equipment
23 8,194,684 Network apparatus, redundant network method, and computer product
24 8,194,612 Wireless communication device
25 8,194,596 Wireless communication system, transmitting device and receiving device
26 8,194,584 Base station device, wireless terminal, wireless communication management device, and wireless communication system
27 8,194,574 Wireless access method and apparatus determining communication carriers to be used in uplink and downlink based on type of service
28 8,194,561 Packet relay device and method for transferring packet therein
29 8,194,545 Packet processing apparatus
30 8,194,407 Heat radiation material, electronic device and method of manufacturing electronic device
31 8,194,362 Magnetoresistive effect device including a nitride underlayer, an antiferromagnetic layer, a first ferromagnetic layer, a nonmagnetic layer and a second ferromagnetic layer which are multilayered in this order on a substrate, magnetic head including the same magnetoresistive effect device, and information storage apparatus including the same magnetic head
32 8,194,349 Recording medium cartridge and takeout management system
33 8,194,309 Optical amplifier using delayed phase matching fiber
34 8,194,162 Imaging device
35 8,194,020 Liquid crystal display device
36 8,193,957 Successive approximation register analog to digital converter (ADC) and method of adjusting delay thereof
37 8,193,954 Computer product, information processing apparatus, and information search apparatus
38 8,193,910 Interrogator, transponder and transponder identification method
39 8,193,904 Entry and exit control apparatus and entry and exit control method
40 8,193,881 Relay
41 8,193,855 Semiconductor device and power control method used for same
42 8,193,614 Semiconductor device, moisture-resistant frame, groove and method of producing semiconductor device
43 8,193,539 Compound semiconductor device using SiC substrate and its manufacture
44 8,193,048 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
45 8,192,208 Electronic part and lead
46 8,192,094 Optical module
47 8,191,235 Method of producing magnetoresistance effect element