Fujitsu patents granted on 06 December 2011

54 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE43,010 Mobile terminal and moving body operation management system
2 8,074,222 Job management device, cluster system, and computer-readable medium storing job management program
3 8,074,192 Verification support apparatus, verification support method, and computer product
4 8,074,186 Leakage current analyzing apparatus, leakage current analyzing method, and computer product
5 8,074,123 Multi-CPU failure detection/recovery system and method for the same
6 8,074,104 Controlling apparatus and controlling method
7 8,074,100 Method and apparatus for restore management
8 8,074,096 Semiconductor integrated circuit, memory system, memory controller and memory control method
9 8,074,089 Power supply controlling system
10 8,074,075 Authentication system
11 8,074,048 Data storage device
12 8,074,029 Processor equipped with a pre-fetch function and pre-fetch control method
13 8,074,018 Disk array apparatus, and control method and control program recording medium
14 8,074,001 Information processing apparatus, KVM switch, remote system, and computer readable storage medium
15 8,073,999 Data input-output control apparatus
16 8,073,957 Communication control system
17 8,073,919 Mobile terminal, method, and computer program for communicating data with servers with data collision control
18 8,073,687 Audio regeneration method
19 8,073,670 Method for calculating delay time, program for calculating delay time and device for calculating delay time
20 8,073,660 Analyzing model creating apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium to create a model using a minimum part interval between parts
21 8,073,618 Driving support apparatus and method
22 8,073,485 Wireless communication device, wireless communication program storage medium, and wireless communication method
23 8,073,480 Radio channel control method and receiving apparatus
24 8,073,396 Radio channel control method and receiving apparatus
25 8,073,343 Input signal detection device
26 8,073,339 Optical device, optical modulation method, and optical transmitter
27 8,073,325 OSNR measuring apparatus and OSNR measuring method
28 8,073,241 Defect source analysis method, defect source analysis apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
29 8,073,185 Electronic device
30 8,073,077 Reception quality calculation method, reception quality calculation apparatus, and communication apparatus
31 8,073,050 Encoding device and encoding method
32 8,073,033 Optical semiconductor device and driving method thereof
33 8,072,989 Virtual volume transfer apparatus, virtual volume transfer method, and computer product
34 8,072,916 Mobile wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus using transmission power control information
35 8,072,831 Fuse element reading circuit
36 8,072,806 Semiconductor memory device and method for driving semiconductor memory device
37 8,072,714 Tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) device, its manufacture method, magnetic head and magnetic memory using TMR device
38 8,072,555 Display device, display panel unit, and information processing apparatus
39 8,072,541 Image processing apparatus and method for format conversion
40 8,072,515 Correction circuit, correction method and image pickup apparatus
41 8,072,358 Variable length decoder, encoder, and variable length decoding method
42 8,072,251 Latch circuit and electronic device
43 8,072,243 Semiconductor device with transistors having substantial the same characteristic variations
44 8,072,199 Control circuit for step-down DC-DC converter, step-down DC-DC converter and control method thereof
45 8,072,097 Power supply apparatus and voltage monitoring method
46 8,072,031 P-channel MOS transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit device
47 8,071,474 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device suitable for forming wiring using damascene method
48 8,071,448 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
49 8,071,435 Manufacture of semiconductor device with stress structure
50 8,071,216 Bundle of long thin carbon structures, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
51 8,070,346 Illumination device and liquid crystal display device
52 8,070,342 Electronic apparatus and illuminating device having a translucent member with incident lines of protrusions
53 8,070,242 Mounting unit and electronic apparatus
54 8,069,831 Method and apparatus for start control of a vehicle