Fujitsu patents granted on 06 December 2016

48 US patents granted on 06 December 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,516,778 Electronic device and insertion error protection device
2 9,516,543 Congestion control method and wireless communication equipment
3 9,516,515 Communication duration configuring method, relay station, base station, and mobile communication system
4 9,516,506 Interference management for radio networks
5 9,516,148 Computer-readable recording medium, information management method and information management device
6 9,516,050 Monitoring propagation in a network
7 9,515,939 Apparatus and method for controlling a window size of packet transmission based on a free space of buffer
8 9,515,917 Communications apparatus, system, and communications method
9 9,515,861 Peak suppression apparatus
10 9,515,848 Transmission device, transmission system, and transmission method
11 9,515,846 Switch and setting method
12 9,515,763 Digital coherent receiver and receiving method of optical signal
13 9,515,734 System and method for cross-phase modulation noise reduced transmission in hybrid networks
14 9,515,733 Mitigation of spectral offset in an optical filter
15 9,515,728 Light source module and optical transceiver
16 9,515,727 In-band optical signal-to-noise ratio monitor
17 9,515,720 Radio communication system
18 9,515,719 Radio communication system
19 9,515,677 Decoding method, decoding apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
20 9,515,507 Energy-saving circuit for a network-powered device, network arrangement and energy-saving method
21 9,515,063 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
22 9,515,010 Semiconductor packaging structure and forming method therefor
23 9,515,005 Package mounting structure
24 9,514,940 Reducing or eliminating pre-amorphization in transistor manufacture
25 9,514,930 Method for manufacturing semiconductor HEMT device with stoichiometric silicon nitride layer
26 9,514,794 Information processing apparatus, information processing system and phase adjusting method
27 9,514,554 Computer readable recording medium recorded with graphics editing program, and graphics editing apparatus
28 9,514,384 Image display apparatus, image display method and storage medium storing image display program
29 9,514,382 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 9,514,375 Multi-biometric authentication apparatus, and multi-biometric authentication system
31 9,514,315 Information processing system and control method of information processing system
32 9,514,253 Molecular design apparatus and method
33 9,514,252 Method, apparatus, and program for generating a simulation model of a space
34 9,514,251 Push–shove layout route changing method using movement track of figure, computer-readable recording medium recording push–shove layout route changing program using movement track of figure and push–shove layout route changing system using movement track of figure
35 9,514,001 Information processing device, data management method, and storage device
36 9,513,996 Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having stored program for controlling information processing apparatus, and method for controlling information processing apparatus
37 9,513,965 Data processing system and scheduling method
38 9,513,945 Method for controlling virtual machine
39 9,513,914 Apparatus and method for processing an instruction that selects between single and multiple data stream operations with register specifier field control
40 9,513,826 Storage apparatus and storage apparatus control method
41 9,513,824 Control method, control device, and recording medium
42 9,513,804 Virtual tape device and virtual tape device control method
43 9,513,690 Apparatus and method for adjusting operating frequencies of processors based on result of comparison of power level with a first threshold and a second threshold
44 9,513,685 Measuring method of a processing load of a processor including a plurality of cores
45 9,513,680 Relaying device, relaying method, and power control system
46 9,513,531 Optical semiconductor element, method of controlling the same and method of manufacturing the same
47 9,513,530 Optical semiconductor element, method of controlling the same and method of manufacturing the same
48 9,511,776 Locus estimation device and locus estimating method