Fujitsu patents granted on 06 May 2008

31 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,370,148 Storage system, control method thereof, and program
2 7,370,145 Write back method for RAID apparatus
3 7,370,141 Memory system
4 7,370,027 System for stocktaking asset articles using a mobile device
5 7,370,024 Case classification apparatus and method
6 7,369,963 System managing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of implementing redundant system-managing apparatus
7 7,369,883 Radio communication device
8 7,369,765 Optical network with selective mode switching
9 7,369,764 Transmission line monitoring method and apparatus
10 7,369,673 Speaker supporting device and electronic device comprising this speaker supporting device
11 7,369,449 Semiconductor integrated circuit and data output method
12 7,369,443 Semiconductor device with adjustable signal drive power
13 7,369,365 Head slider capable of being reliably released from effect of moving recording medium
14 7,369,359 Thin film magnetic head having sectional shape of write magnetic pole formed as a trapezoid
15 7,369,341 Head flying height measuring apparatus in magnetic storage device
16 7,369,170 Solid-state imaging apparatus and control method with transmission control hold circuit
17 7,369,123 Panel unit capable of avoiding contact between electrically conductive bodies thereon
18 7,368,983 Operational amplifier and method for canceling offset voltage of operational amplifier
19 7,368,969 Level shift circuit and semiconductor device
20 7,368,967 Timing controller and controlled delay circuit for controlling timing or delay time of a signal by changing phase thereof
21 7,368,962 Clock supply device
22 7,368,859 Piezoelectric thin-film resonator and filter having the same
23 7,368,823 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
24 7,368,750 Semiconductor light-receiving device
25 7,368,700 Optical switch apparatus and optical switching system
26 7,368,298 Method of manufacturing ferroelectric semiconductor device
27 7,368,187 Thermally stable low noise magnetic recording media
28 7,368,172 Membrane multi-layer structure, and actuator element, capacitive element and filter element using the same
29 7,367,724 Imaging device, method of production of same, and holding mechanism of same
30 7,367,498 POS terminal and system including the same by which a transaction log can be revised and registered as a new transaction
31 7,367,108 Method of bonding flying leads