Fujitsu patents granted on 06 October 2009

45 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,600,236 Disk-shaped storage medium loading/ejection mechanism, disk device, and disk autochanger
2 7,600,205 Net/wiring selection method, net selection method, wiring selection method, and delay improvement method
3 7,599,926 Reputation information processing program, method, and apparatus
4 7,599,890 Content data storage
5 7,599,764 Vehicle remote starting apparatus and method for executing registration process
6 7,599,700 Mobile communication network
7 7,599,695 Mobile communication system in which communication resources are allocated based on traffic congestion
8 7,599,529 Organism characteristic data acquiring apparatus, authentication apparatus, organism characteristic data acquiring method, organism characteristic data acquiring program and computer-readable recording medium on which the program is recorded
9 7,599,522 Information access method using biometrics authentication and information processing system using biometrics authentication
10 7,599,460 Transmitting apparatus
11 7,599,436 Method of determining search region of motion vector and motion vector detection apparatus
12 7,599,428 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method
13 7,599,376 Converter and communication control method
14 7,599,244 Semiconductor memory, memory controller and control method for semiconductor memory
15 7,599,150 Head stack assembly, its manufacturing method, and magnetic disc drive having the same
16 7,599,149 Magnetic head including buffer member on groove part, method of manufacturing same, and magnetic disk unit including same
17 7,599,145 Storage medium device, deformation controller and head slider
18 7,599,143 Information recording/reproduction apparatus, head levitation height control method and head levitation control circuit
19 7,599,140 Output control device and recording-medium-driver control device
20 7,599,110 Raman pump power control for gain flattening
21 7,599,026 Liquid crystal display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device having the same
22 7,598,929 Plasma display apparatus
23 7,598,889 Driving information analysis apparatus and driving information analysis system
24 7,598,873 RFID tag and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,598,817 Oscillator for outputting different oscillation frequencies
26 7,598,804 Amplifier circuit
27 7,598,781 Capacitive load driving device
28 7,598,780 Clock buffer
29 7,598,748 Inverter system
30 7,598,557 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating a semicondutor device including first and second hydrogen diffusion preventing films
31 7,598,541 Semiconductor device comprising transistor pair isolated by trench isolation
32 7,598,522 Semiconductor substrate and production process thereof
33 7,598,162 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
34 7,598,138 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
35 7,598,106 Optical semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
36 7,598,007 Pattern transfer mask, focus variation measuring method and apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
37 7,598,005 Photomask and manufacturing method of the same, and pattern forming method
38 7,597,980 Sulfonic acid group-containing, proton-conducting polymer composition, a solid electrolyte membrane and a solid polymer fuel cell
39 7,597,774 Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
40 7,597,606 Fabrication process of semiconductor device and polishing method
41 7,597,582 Backplane for use in a push-in rack for peripherals
42 7,597,567 Connector protective cover and connector
43 7,597,290 Tilting apparatus and electronic apparatus
44 7,597,260 Memory card
45 7,596,985 Impact test apparatus