Fujitsu patents granted on 06 October 2015

35 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D740,296 Keyboard
2 9,155,220 Casing mounting rail, blank plate, and rack mount system
3 9,155,219 Blanking plate for electronics rack
4 9,155,095 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
5 9,155,074 Method for resource allocation, method for channel state information transmission, base station and user equipment
6 9,155,021 Communication controlling method, method for sharing information, wireless terminal, wireless base station, and wireless base station controlling apparatus
7 9,154,858 Probability-based regenerator site analysis
8 9,154,448 Apparatus and method for switching connection to a communication network
9 9,154,390 Packet relay apparatus and measurement method for measuring discard number of data packets
10 9,154,373 Failure protection method and node apparatus
11 9,154,326 Transmission apparatus, failure recovery method, and network system
12 9,154,291 Differential signal skew adjustment method and transmission circuit
13 9,154,233 Frequency modulation signal demodulator and light receiving apparatus
14 9,154,227 Port monitoring device and port monitoring method
15 9,154,193 System and method for implementing power distribution
16 9,154,182 Generating pseudo-random frequency signals
17 9,154,123 Body bias circuits and methods
18 9,154,120 Electronic circuit
19 9,153,936 Power-efficient high-speed driver for a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
20 9,153,884 Connector having signal and grounding terminals with flat contact faces and arranged on two sides of a connector body
21 9,153,851 Waveguide converter
22 9,153,501 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
23 9,153,279 Magnetic tape control apparatus, recording medium storing a control program, and method
24 9,153,278 Storage system and control apparatus
25 9,152,852 Perceptual reaction analyzer, and method and program thereof
26 9,152,773 Communication apparatus and secure module including function for disabling encrypted communication
27 9,152,543 Symbolic execution with automatic abstractions
28 9,152,525 Serial communication device, serial communication system, and serial communication method
29 9,152,519 Storage control apparatus, method of setting reference time, and computer-readable storage medium storing reference time setting program
30 9,152,516 Information processing apparatus and maintenance method of an information processing apparatus
31 9,152,472 Load distribution system
32 9,152,351 Storage device and method for backing up source volume
33 9,152,329 Information processing device, storage processing method, and computer readable recording medium having program stored therein
34 9,151,894 Light source circuit and light source device equipped with same
35 9,151,835 Moving object tracking apparatus, and moving object tracking method