Fujitsu patents granted on 06 September 2016

47 US patents granted on 06 September 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,439,204 Wireless device and communication channel selection method
2 9,439,157 Radio base station and method for controlling transmission power in radio base station
3 9,439,128 Node device and communication method for generating cluster
4 9,439,102 Transmitting apparatus, transmission method, and transmission system
5 9,439,027 Value acquiring method, sensor control apparatus, sensor control method, sensor control medium, and acquisition interval control medium
6 9,438,924 Video encoding apparatus, video decoding apparatus, video encoding method, and video decoding method
7 9,438,920 Picture encoding method, picture encoding apparatus, picture decoding method and picture decoding apparatus
8 9,438,607 Information processing apparatus and verification control method
9 9,438,591 Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method
10 9,438,590 Privacy preserving biometric authentication based on error correcting codes
11 9,438,583 Certificate generation method, certificate generation apparatus, information processing apparatus, and communication device
12 9,438,461 Communication system, receiving device, and semiconductor device
13 9,438,437 Apparatus and method for efficiently multicasting data to a plurality of destination devices
14 9,438,423 Encryption device, encryption method, and information processing device
15 9,438,343 Transmitting device, communication system, and method for transmission level control
16 9,438,275 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
17 9,438,271 Data compression apparatus and method
18 9,438,239 Level shifter, DC-DC converter, and level shift method
19 9,438,107 Control device, control method, and power supply device
20 9,437,737 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of evaluating semiconductor device
21 9,437,723 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device including indium
22 9,437,672 Semiconductor device
23 9,437,598 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
24 9,437,596 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
25 9,437,553 Electronic device
26 9,437,511 Method and structure for wafer-level packaging
27 9,437,378 Keyswitch device
28 9,437,261 Memory controller and information processing device
29 9,436,986 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 9,436,782 Transmission device and temperature control method
31 9,436,715 Data management apparatus and data management method
32 9,436,648 Method for matching the signal transmission between two electronic devices, and arrangement having a computer system and a peripheral device
33 9,436,613 Central processing unit, method for controlling central processing unit, and information processing apparatus
34 9,436,587 Test context generation
35 9,436,554 Information processing apparatus and data repairing method
36 9,436,538 Computer-readable recording medium, log acquisition device, and log acquisition method
37 9,436,536 Memory dump method, information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
38 9,436,520 Information processing device and barrier synchronization method
39 9,436,519 Process cooperation method, process cooperation program, and process cooperation system
40 9,436,488 Program redundancy among virtual machines and global management information and local resource information arrangement
41 9,436,465 Moving average processing in processor and processor
42 9,436,265 Information processing apparatus and load control method
43 9,436,211 Clock conversion apparatus with an elastic store memory from which data is written in synchronization with a first clock and read out in synchronization with a second clock
44 9,436,022 Modulated light source
45 9,436,018 Optical module
46 9,435,883 Antenna, radar apparatus and signal processing method
47 9,433,289 Stopper mechanism of slide rail