Fujitsu patents granted on 07 April 2009

46 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE40,695 Clock phase detecting circuit and clock regenerating circuit each arranged in receiving unit of multiplex radio equipment
2 7,516,432 Circuit delay analyzing method, circuit delay analyzing apparatus, and computer product
3 7,516,415 Apparatus for and method of generating synchronized contents information, and computer product
4 7,516,383 Method and apparatus for analyzing delay in circuit, and computer product
5 7,516,376 Test pattern generator, test circuit tester, test pattern generating method, test circuit testing method, and computer product
6 7,516,368 Apparatus, method, and computer product for pattern detection
7 7,516,292 Method for predicting and avoiding danger in execution environment
8 7,516,278 System controller, speculative fetching method, and information processing apparatus
9 7,516,059 Logical simulation device
10 7,516,001 Control apparatus for an in-vehicle device, control method for an in-vehicle device, and control program for an in-vehicle device
11 7,515,934 Mobile terminal, program for controlling mobile terminal, program for call-management server, and call management process
12 7,515,834 Upgraded optical communication system with increased transmission capacity and method
13 7,515,829 Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
14 7,515,828 System and method for implementing optical light-trails
15 7,515,656 Clock recovery circuit and data receiving circuit
16 7,515,590 Mobile communication system and method thereof
17 7,515,572 Data transfer system and data transfer method
18 7,515,563 Communications systems
19 7,515,558 Code division multiple access communication system, and a base station control device and a base station thereof
20 7,515,527 SDH transmission apparatus and signal transmission method
21 7,515,521 Hologram recording and reproducing apparatus
22 7,515,425 Electronic device and cooling unit
23 7,515,377 Storage apparatus and control method for detecting vibration produced during seeking
24 7,515,375 Positioning control device and disk device
25 7,515,369 Information recording and reproducing apparatus and method, and signal decoding circuit for performing timing recovery
26 7,515,159 Reconfigurable address generation circuit for image processing, and reconfigurable LSI comprising the same
27 7,515,023 Micro-switching device and method of manufacturing micro-switching device
28 7,515,017 Surface acoustic wave device utilizing a terminal routing pattern
29 7,514,811 Remote control engine starting device for vehicle
30 7,514,792 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
31 7,514,788 Structure of mounting electronic component
32 7,514,376 Manufacture of semiconductor device having nitridized insulating film
33 7,514,355 Multilayer interconnection structure and method for forming the same
34 7,514,316 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,514,295 Method for processing a base that includes connecting a first base to a second base with an insulating film
36 7,514,163 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording device
37 7,513,981 Manufacturing apparatus of semiconductor device
38 7,513,966 Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate
39 7,513,786 Connector, circuit board and electronic apparatus
40 7,513,650 Light source device and display device
41 7,513,649 Light source device and display device
42 7,513,421 Transaction terminal device and transaction terminal control method
43 7,513,411 Method of and apparatus for granting electronic signature, and computer program
44 7,513,194 Screen mask
45 7,513,037 Method of embedding components in multi-layer circuit boards
46 7,513,032 Method of mounting an electronic part to a substrate