Fujitsu patents granted on 07 August 2007

28 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,254,613 Mail delivery server, mail delivery program storage medium, and mail delivery method
2 7,254,554 Accounting system and method for processing transaction data
3 7,254,537 Speech input device
4 7,254,481 Action support method and apparatus
5 7,254,459 Bending process estimation apparatus, bending process estimation program, and bending process estimation method
6 7,254,377 Parallel operation system of transmission amplifier
7 7,254,342 Method and system for transmitting information in an optical communication system with low signal distortion
8 7,254,334 Multiplex optical communication system
9 7,254,333 Low-cost WDM terminal device accommodating plurality of client signal
10 7,254,325 Method and system for optical performance monitoring
11 7,254,292 Directing optical channels using a reflective device
12 7,254,179 Decoding for peak-power reduction and error-correction capabilities in multicarrier transmission
13 7,254,145 Data transmission apparatus and a path control method thereof
14 7,254,090 Semiconductor memory device
15 7,254,013 Panel member unit
16 7,253,979 Method and device for data read/write, recording medium, and program product
17 7,253,822 Picture displaying apparatus, picture displaying method, picture displaying program, and computer readable record medium containing the picture displaying program
18 7,253,771 Antenna device
19 7,253,746 Vehicle-presence notifying apparatus and vehicle-presence notifying method
20 7,253,691 PLL clock generator circuit and clock generation method
21 7,253,679 Operational amplifier and method for canceling offset voltage of operational amplifier
22 7,253,560 Triode surface discharge type plasma display panel
23 7,253,525 Semiconductor device including contact holes between adjacent conductor patterns and method for fabricating the same
24 7,253,513 High-frequency switch device and electronic device using the same
25 7,253,023 Multilayer wiring circuit board
26 7,252,439 Blade-type optical transmission apparatus
27 7,252,198 Mail system, mail address managing apparatus, mail transmitting method, and computer-readable recording medium in which mail system program is recorded
28 7,251,873 Method of manufacturing surface acoustic wave device