Fujitsu patents granted on 07 February 2017

26 US patents granted on 07 February 2017 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,565,755 Electronic component
2 9,565,660 Information processing apparatus, wireless communication apparatus, and information processing method
3 9,565,621 Information processing device, communication control method, and mobile communication system
4 9,565,597 Radio communication method, relay station and mobile station
5 9,565,583 Monitoring device and monitoring system
6 9,565,569 Coexistent working mode establishment method, user equipment, base station and system
7 9,565,119 Packet analysis method, packet analysis device, and storage medium
8 9,565,107 Packet relay system, packet relay method, and packet relay device
9 9,565,101 Risk mitigation in data center networks
10 9,565,064 Frame transmission apparatus and method for checking normality
11 9,565,049 Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer product for sharing data
12 9,565,015 Signal reproduction circuit, electronic apparatus, and signal reproducing method
13 9,564,975 Optical transmission device, method of optical transmission, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
14 9,564,964 Optical signal processing device, optical signal processing method and recording medium
15 9,564,589 Forming method and forming apparatus of carbon nanotubes
16 9,564,527 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
17 9,563,931 Control method and information processing device
18 9,563,838 Loop antenna and radio frequency tag
19 9,563,651 Storage control device and storage control method
20 9,563,552 Storage control device and storage control method
21 9,563,496 Extraction method and device
22 9,563,465 Multi-task scheduling method for assigning threads based on time slices to multi-core processors and multi-core processor system therefor
23 9,563,296 Data processing device and method
24 9,563,237 Input apparatus, electronic apparatus and touch pad
25 9,563,221 Semiconductor device and method for setting voltage in semiconductor device
26 9,563,193 Information processing method, program development device, recording medium, and method