Fujitsu patents granted on 07 October 2014

51 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D714,783 Personal computer
2 8,856,952 Blade, computer product, and management method
3 8,856,906 Authentication processing method and system
4 8,856,868 Identification information integrated management system, identification information integrated management server, and computer readable recording medium recording identification information integrated management program thereon
5 8,856,786 Apparatus and method for monitoring communication performed by a virtual machine
6 8,856,761 Instruction processing method, instruction processing apparatus, and instruction processing program
7 8,856,751 Abstract symbolic execution for scaling symbolic execution generation and automatic test generation
8 8,856,717 Shielded pattern generation for a circuit design board
9 8,856,703 Supporting device, design support method and computer-readable recording medium
10 8,856,610 Computer readable storage medium storing error correction program and communication apparatus
11 8,856,588 Information processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
12 8,856,578 Integrated circuit device including skew adjustment circuit and skew adjustment method
13 8,856,554 Information terminal and method of reducing information leakage
14 8,856,498 Prefetch request circuit
15 8,856,485 Storage system and storage control method
16 8,856,478 Arithmetic processing unit, information processing device, and cache memory control method
17 8,856,474 Nonvolatile memory unit with secure erasing function
18 8,856,457 Information processing system and a system controller
19 8,856,405 Connection apparatus, storage apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium having connection request transmission control program recorded therein
20 8,856,334 Resource lending control apparatus and resource lending method
21 8,856,174 Asset managing apparatus and asset managing method
22 8,856,042 Method, apparatus and program for performing personal authentication and inputting operation instruction on the basis of biometric information including posture information
23 8,855,978 Method for simulating magnetic material
24 8,855,950 Interprocessor communication measurement system
25 8,855,912 Travel route evaluation system and travel route evaluation program
26 8,855,660 Mobile communications system, wireless communication apparatus, mobile communications apparatus, and wireless communication method
27 8,855,649 Network system, offload device, and user identification information obtaining method for offload device
28 8,855,571 Radio communication apparatus, system, and method
29 8,855,498 Skew suppression method and optical transmission system
30 8,855,497 Optical transmission system
31 8,855,378 Biometric authentication device and method
32 8,855,242 Data receiving circuit, information processing apparatus, a computer readable storage medium, and data receiving method
33 8,855,235 Circuit transmission apparatus and transmission method
34 8,855,232 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
35 8,854,977 Relay node
36 8,854,933 Information processing apparatus, drive unit, detection circuit and control method
37 8,854,821 Backplane wiring for an input-output panel used for front or rear access
38 8,854,727 Optical amplifier and transmission system
39 8,854,613 Surface defect inspection apparatus and surface defect inspection method
40 8,854,243 AD converter circuit and ad conversion method
41 8,854,240 Analog-to-digital converter and electronic apparatus
42 8,854,216 Power transmission device, wireless power supply system, and wireless power supply device
43 8,854,210 Eco-drive assist apparatus, eco-drive assist information generating apparatus, eco-drive assist information calculation apparatus, eco-drive state display apparatus, eco-drive assist system, and eco-drive assist information calculation method
44 8,854,108 Signal transmission circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and signal transmission circuit adjustment method
45 8,854,102 Clock generating circuit
46 8,854,090 Driver circuit and semiconductor device
47 8,853,861 Semiconductor device having groove-shaped via-hole
48 8,853,851 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
49 8,853,673 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
50 8,853,519 Thermoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
51 8,852,961 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same