Fujitsu patents granted on 08 December 2015

36 US patents granted on 08 December 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,210,661 Method of controlling power in a wireless communication system
2 9,210,647 Route information relay method and wireless terminal
3 9,210,638 Apparatus and method for controlling selection of a handover destination
4 9,210,620 Apparatus and method for determining a format of a wireless communication channel based on a handover state
5 9,210,608 Communication system, control device, and node device
6 9,210,601 Mobile station, communication control method, and communication control system
7 9,210,448 Moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method and integrated circuit
8 9,210,096 Routing method and node equipment
9 9,209,928 Transmission device and transmission method
10 9,209,926 Communication system and method therefor
11 9,209,913 Temperature compensation method and apparatus for received signal strength indicator
12 9,209,905 Optical communication apparatus
13 9,209,899 Method and apparatus for adaptive nonlinear equalization in a polarization multiplexing optical communication system
14 9,209,846 Radio communication circuit and radio communication device
15 9,209,781 Oscillator device and method of mounting oscillator device
16 9,209,111 Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure
17 9,209,042 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
18 9,208,951 Capacitor and method of manufacturing capacitor
19 9,208,791 Orthogonal transform apparatus, orthogonal transform method, orthogonal transform computer program, and audio decoding apparatus
20 9,208,617 Shape data generation method and apparatus
21 9,208,604 Rendering processing method and apparatus
22 9,208,425 RFID tag
23 9,208,391 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method, and computer readable, non-transitory medium
24 9,208,387 Image processing device and image processing method to estimate movement of a movable body
25 9,208,318 Method and system for device integrity authentication
26 9,208,196 Configuration information management apparatus and retrieval method
27 9,208,114 Storage device, computer-readable recording medium, and storage control method
28 9,208,054 Web service for automated cross-browser compatibility checking of web applications
29 9,207,956 Class loading device for a java runtime environment, cluster system and method of executing a function
30 9,207,916 Simulation apparatus, method and medium
31 9,207,878 Information processing apparatus
32 9,207,805 Computer-readable recording medium, information processing apparatus, and correction processing method
33 9,207,741 Storage apparatus, controller module, and storage apparatus control method
34 9,207,289 Magnetic property analyzing method and apparatus
35 9,207,113 Sound pressure prediction apparatus, sound pressure prediction method, and information storage medium
36 9,207,074 Distance measurement apparatus, and distance measurement method