Fujitsu patents granted on 08 July 2008

37 US patents granted on 08 July 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,398,555 Electronic apparatus and medium
2 7,398,504 Program, method and apparatus for analyzing transmission signals
3 7,398,497 Electronic circuit designing method apparatus for designing an electronic circuit, and storage medium for storing an electronic circuit designing method
4 7,398,424 False path detection program
5 7,398,320 Information distribution/reproduction control apparatus, information distribution/reproduction control method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with information distribution/reproduction control program
6 7,398,282 System for recording process information of a plurality of systems
7 7,398,189 Report management device, report management program, and report management method
8 7,398,185 Action record support program, system, device, and method
9 7,398,128 Method, device, and computer product for creating height-limited-area information, and method of manufacturing three-dimensional structure
10 7,398,019 Control apparatus and control method of optical signal exchanger
11 7,398,018 Optical transmission equipment
12 7,397,981 Apparatus and method of compensating for wavelength dispersion of optical transmission line
13 7,397,975 Optical switch
14 7,397,954 Apparatus and method for allowing images to correspond to each other and program therefor
15 7,397,919 Access control method and storage apparatus
16 7,397,882 Digital phase locked circuit capable of dealing with input clock signal provided in burst fashion
17 7,397,881 Erroneous phase lock detection circuit
18 7,397,771 Communication terminal and communication method
19 7,397,760 Transmission apparatus
20 7,397,737 Output adjustment method for lens position sensor of optical disk device and optical disk device thereof
21 7,397,669 Semiconductor device mounting socket
22 7,397,635 Head slider for disk apparatus
23 7,397,632 Soft magnetic thin film and magnetic recording head
24 7,397,630 Signal reproducing method and storage apparatus
25 7,397,628 Two degree of freedom position control method, two degree of freedom position control device, and medium storage device
26 7,397,627 Method of detecting position of head for recording medium
27 7,397,626 Storage device, continuous-vibration detecting method, and control apparatus
28 7,397,420 Timing adjustment method for radar, and radar apparatus having automatic timing adjusting function
29 7,397,419 Radar apparatus and failure detection method thereof
30 7,397,407 D/A conversion circuit and A/D conversion circuit
31 7,397,293 Clock distribution circuit
32 7,396,797 Production method of catalyst for fuel cell and of fuel cell, and catalyst for fuel cell and fuel cell
33 7,396,715 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
34 7,396,710 Fin-type semiconductor device with low contact resistance and its manufacture method
35 7,396,156 Analysis data generating apparatus, analysis data generating method and computer-readable recording medium containing analysis data generating program
36 7,396,144 Light source device and display device
37 7,395,847 Jig for a semiconductor substrate