Fujitsu patents granted on 08 June 2010

46 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D617,293 Mobile phone
2 7,735,092 Network system and object cooperation therein
3 7,735,028 Logic circuit redesign program, logic circuit redesign apparatus, and logic circuit redesign method
4 7,735,001 Method and system for decoding encoded documents
5 7,734,973 Testing apparatus and testing method for an integrated circuit, and integrated circuit
6 7,734,896 Enhanced processor element structure in a reconfigurable integrated circuit device
7 7,734,774 In-operation system check processing device, method, and program thereof
8 7,734,759 Cross-connect protection method, network management terminal, and network element
9 7,734,598 Computer-readable recording medium having recorded hash-value generation program, computer-readable recording medium having recorded storage management program, and storage system
10 7,734,433 Semiconductor integrated circuit
11 7,734,319 Dual-mode superconductive filter having an opening pattern in a ground plane
12 7,734,196 Optical receiver device
13 7,734,192 Control apparatus and control method for optical modulator
14 7,734,188 Deskew device and deskew method
15 7,734,175 Network configuring apparatus
16 7,734,128 Optical component, fiber collimator array and wavelength selective switch
17 7,734,111 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
18 7,734,053 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and computer product
19 7,733,995 Noise filter and filtering method
20 7,733,967 Device having communication function, method for automatically adjusting transmitter, system and program
21 7,733,942 Interference reduction receiving device and method thereof
22 7,733,889 Network switching device and method dividing packets and storing divided packets in shared buffer
23 7,733,861 Radio terminal and ad hoc communication method
24 7,733,811 Method and system for bridging traffic in a resilient packet ring network
25 7,733,801 Network device management apparatus, network device management program, and network device management method
26 7,733,716 Signal masking method, signal masking circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit
27 7,733,666 Circuit board storage bag and storage rack
28 7,733,656 Heat sink unit, circuit board unit, and electronic device
29 7,733,648 Electronic apparatus
30 7,733,638 Electronic apparatus
31 7,733,467 Optical passive device product identification apparatus and connectivity determination apparatus
32 7,733,447 Liquid crystal display device having particular green cut filter layer and blue cut filter layer
33 7,733,374 Image pickup device and substrate mounting apparatus for an electronic part
34 7,733,302 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
35 7,733,272 Antenna apparatus and method for fabricating the same
36 7,733,074 Control circuit of current mode DC-DC converter and control method of current mode DC-DC converter
37 7,733,060 Charging IC, charging apparatus and electronic device
38 7,732,945 Rectifier circuit
39 7,732,927 Semiconductor device having a interlayer insulation film with low dielectric constant and high mechanical strength
40 7,732,925 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,732,846 Semiconductor device including solid state image pickup device, and portable electronic apparatus
42 7,732,823 Light emitting device and semiconductor device
43 7,732,347 Semiconductor device and fabrication process of semiconductor device
44 7,732,107 Mask pattern correction device, method of correcting mask pattern, light exposure correction device, and method of correcting light exposure
45 7,732,103 Photomask, focus measurement apparatus and focus measurement method
46 7,731,538 Card connector