Fujitsu patents granted on 08 March 2016

26 US patents granted on 08 March 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D751,073 Head mounted display
2 9,282,528 Apparatus and method for detecting a location of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
3 9,282,480 Radio communication apparatus and method establishing discontinuous transmission and reception cycles
4 9,282,476 Communication control system, communication control device, and communication control method
5 9,282,463 Spectrum sharing in white space bands using joint power control and channel assignment
6 9,282,452 Wireless communication system and wireless terminal device
7 9,282,332 Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
8 9,282,045 Information processing method, information processing circuit, and information processing apparatus
9 9,282,042 Node in network including a plurality of nodes
10 9,282,017 Apparatus and method for analyzing a packet
11 9,282,003 Method for configuring an arrangement having a computer system and a telephone installation and arrangement having a computer system and a telephone installation
12 9,281,937 Control timing synchronization method, optical transmission system, and optical transmission apparatus
13 9,281,914 Apparatus and method for designing a network transmitting wavelength multiplexed optical signals
14 9,281,913 Signal detection circuit and optical transmission equipment
15 9,281,805 Clock control circuit, receiver, and communication device
16 9,281,790 Amplifier circuit
17 9,281,679 Electronic device
18 9,281,640 Connector
19 9,281,635 Connector and connector bar
20 9,281,248 CMOS gate stack structures and processes
21 9,280,838 Computer product, search apparatus, and search method
22 9,280,702 Image processing device and image processing method
23 9,280,649 Apparatus and method for detecting an object from an image
24 9,280,628 System and method for clock network meta-synthesis
25 9,280,475 Variable updating device and variable updating method
26 9,280,249 Position detecting method for touchscreen panel, touchscreen panel, and electronic apparatus