Fujitsu patents granted on 08 May 2012

35 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE43,369 Mobile communication system enabling efficient use of small-zone base stations
2 D659,092 Charger for mobile terminal device
3 8,176,558 Anti-virus method, computer, and recording medium
4 8,176,552 Computer system, computer program product and method for assessing a profile of a computer system
5 8,176,457 Apparatus and method updating diagram of circuit based on pin swap performed in package design with respect to PLD
6 8,176,365 Computer apparatus and processor diagnostic method
7 8,176,278 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and record medium
8 8,176,273 Backing-up apparatus, backing-up method, and backing-up program
9 8,176,261 Information processing apparatus and data transfer method
10 8,176,260 Recording controller including snoop unit issuing invalidation request and response unit outputting notification indicating identification information for indentifying recording request and recording control method thereof
11 8,176,190 Record medium bearing communication apparatus control program, and communication apparatus
12 8,176,050 Method and apparatus of supporting creation of classification rules
13 8,175,974 Portable storage device and transaction machine
14 8,175,631 Mobile station and method
15 8,175,520 Multi-hop communication system
16 8,175,417 Apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for pixel interpolation
17 8,175,114 Base station apparatus and reception processing method thereof
18 8,175,044 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
19 8,175,027 Communication method and gateway apparatus
20 8,174,966 Switching program, switching method and duplex system
21 8,174,963 Data relay apparatus and failure recovery method
22 8,174,917 Semiconductor memory for disconnecting a bit line from sense amplifier in a standby period and memory system including the semiconductor memory
23 8,174,910 Semiconductor device and system for switching between high-voltage and low-voltage operation circuits
24 8,174,845 Electronic apparatus cover
25 8,174,787 Library apparatus and method for moving shelf of library apparatus
26 8,174,758 Optical amplifier
27 8,174,331 Temperature compensated crystal oscillator, printed-circuit board, and electronic device
28 8,174,310 Quadrature modulation demodulation circuit
29 8,174,301 Phase-error reduction circuitry for an IQ generator
30 8,174,282 Leak current detection circuit, body bias control circuit, semiconductor device, and semiconductor device testing method
31 8,174,151 Power supply control apparatus
32 8,173,529 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
33 8,173,514 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
34 8,173,069 Ion analyzing apparatus and ion analyzing method
35 8,172,149 Wireless frequency tag and method for manufacturing wireless frequency tag