Fujitsu patents granted on 09 April 2013

29 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,418,191 Application flow control apparatus
2 8,418,089 Computer readable non-transitory medium storing design aiding program, design aiding apparatus, and design aiding method for determining performance index of an integrated circuit in worst case operation conditions
3 8,418,053 Division program, combination program and information processing method
4 8,418,050 Computer readable recording medium on which form data extracting program is recorded, form data extracting apparatus, and form data extracting method
5 8,418,029 Storage control device and storage control method
6 8,418,009 Delay fault testing computer product, apparatus, and method
7 8,418,003 Log collecting apparatus, program, method, and system
8 8,417,970 Apparatus and method for storing key data, library unit, and storage device
9 8,417,936 Node apparatus, method and storage medium
10 8,417,932 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
11 8,417,435 Eco-run system, computer readable medium and eco-run state informing apparatus
12 8,417,217 Portable information terminal, security method, and program storage medium
13 8,417,001 Biometric authentication device, fake body judgment device, and biometric authentication method where biometric information value range is updated when subject is living body
14 8,416,865 Adaptive transmission method and system for wireless communication system
15 8,416,860 Deblocking filter, image encoder, and image decoder
16 8,416,680 Apparatus and method for controlling data communication
17 8,416,679 Systems and methods for transmission of alarm indication suppression messages in connection with failure of network element equipment
18 8,416,566 Rear cover and input/output panels
19 8,416,313 Image processing device for inputting both still picture data and motion picture data and performing a data process
20 8,416,106 Calibration scheme for resolution scaling, power scaling, variable input swing and comparator offset cancellation for flash ADCs
21 8,416,015 Active rectifying apparatus
22 8,416,004 Circuit module for limiting occurrence of inrush current
23 8,415,998 PLL circuit
24 8,415,995 Electric circuit and signal processing method
25 8,415,798 Semiconductor device having a conductor buried in an opening
26 8,415,215 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with multiple implantation steps
27 8,414,013 Housing structure for in-vehicle electronic device
28 8,413,456 Refrigeration apparatus
29 8,413,416 Cable retainer