Fujitsu patents granted on 09 August 2011

24 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,996,802 Method of verifying circuit and computer-readable storage medium for storing computer program
2 7,996,665 Information processing device, power supply control method and storage medium
3 7,996,661 Loop processing counter with automatic start time set or trigger modes in context reconfigurable PE array
4 7,996,528 Network management system having agent controlled transmission of state variation notifying command based on manager load information
5 7,996,196 Structural analysis of a printed wiring substrate
6 7,995,710 Telephone-receiving call center system
7 7,995,680 Apparatus and method for preamble detection and integer carrier frequency offset estimation
8 7,995,646 Communication test circuit, communication interface circuit, and communication test method
9 7,995,579 Packet transfer controlling apparatus and packet transfer controlling method
10 7,995,536 Multi-input multi-output (MIMO) for wireless transmitting and receiving stations
11 7,995,463 Transmission device
12 7,995,419 Semiconductor memory and memory system
13 7,995,414 Semiconductor memory device, method of operating semiconductor memory device, and memory system
14 7,995,407 Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
15 7,995,343 Cooling unit and electronic device
16 7,995,330 Housing and electronic device
17 7,994,983 RFID tag
18 7,994,979 Antenna positioning method and antenna mounting device for communication device, and antenna device
19 7,994,899 Information access system and method for accessing information in contactless information storage device
20 7,994,856 Predistorter, predistortion method, and predistortion system
21 7,994,586 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
22 7,994,538 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,994,055 Method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus, and semiconductor apparatus
24 7,992,289 Press-fit connector removal tool