Fujitsu patents granted on 09 August 2016

38 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D763,422 Air conditioner
2 9,414,517 Electronic device
3 9,414,436 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
4 9,414,379 Wireless communication precoder determination
5 9,414,344 Communication system, communication apparatus, and computer-readable medium including communication program and communication method
6 9,414,333 System and method for downlink and uplink parameter information transmission in a multi-hop wireless communication system
7 9,414,312 Communication device and method for packet communications in a contention-free period
8 9,414,277 Base station and method for controlling base station
9 9,414,257 Radio communication device and file transfer method
10 9,413,997 Method and device for processing captured-image signals
11 9,413,657 Communication device having VPN accommodation function
12 9,413,654 System, relay device, method, and medium
13 9,413,628 Network relay node device, network relay method, and recording medium
14 9,413,595 Management server, virtual machine system, computer-readable recording medium, and connection method
15 9,413,522 Optical receiver and signal processing method for optical receiver
16 9,413,465 Optical transceiver and optical output level control method
17 9,413,462 Optical amplification repeater and optical transmission station
18 9,413,455 Apparatus and method for creating calibration coefficient used to monitor optical signal-to-noise ratio
19 9,413,389 Automatic synchronization of a transmitter
20 9,413,302 Digital predistortion apparatus and method
21 9,412,830 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
22 9,412,812 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
23 9,412,715 Semiconductor device, electronic device, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
24 9,412,545 Electromagnetic relay
25 9,412,168 Image processing device and image processing method for camera calibration
26 9,412,093 Computer-readable recording medium, extraction device, and extraction method
27 9,412,014 Biometric information process device, biometric information process method, and computer readable medium
28 9,412,003 Discriminant function specifying device, discriminant function specifying method, and biometric identification device
29 9,411,968 Apparatus and method for performing different cryptographic algorithms in a communication system
30 9,411,713 Method for supporting product design and product design support apparatus
31 9,411,704 Computer systems and methods of detecting AC failure
32 9,411,660 Lock control apparatus and lock control method
33 9,411,643 Method of performing tasks on a production computer system and data processing system
34 9,411,112 Photoelectric hybrid board, information processor, and method for manufacturing photoelectric hybrid board
35 9,411,098 Polarization reducing apparatus, light source apparatus, optical amplifying apparatus, and excitation light source apparatus for raman amplification
36 9,411,045 Gain control circuit and ultrasonic image device
37 9,411,043 Radar apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
38 9,410,997 Crystal unit and method of measuring characteristics of the crystal unit