Fujitsu patents granted on 09 December 2008

26 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,464,363 Verification support device, verification support method, and computer product
2 7,464,355 Timing analyzing method and apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,464,261 Switching device, switching method and computer system capable of preventing error in data transmission, which is easy to use
4 7,464,200 Output port determining apparatus
5 7,464,150 Smart and integrated FCAPS domain management solution for telecommunications management networks
6 7,464,133 Server/client system
7 7,464,015 Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product
8 7,463,808 Optical waveguide, optical device, and manufacturing method of the optical waveguide
9 7,463,795 Acousto-optic device
10 7,463,750 Image data processing apparatus and method
11 7,463,655 Method of transmitting data with redundant structure, and device for transmitting data by said method
12 7,463,578 Transmission parameter control device
13 7,463,495 Optical module cage mounting structure
14 7,463,439 Control device, storage device, storage medium, servo data demodulation method, repeatable velocity error measuring device, and computer product
15 7,463,438 Information storage apparatus, and control method and program for the same
16 7,463,184 Object detection apparatus, object detection method, object detection program, and distance sensor
17 7,463,169 64B/66B Encoding data generation method and circuit
18 7,463,156 RFID tag
19 7,463,076 Power consumption reduction circuit for clock network
20 7,462,973 Surface acoustic wave device
21 7,462,898 Semiconductor device having capacitor with upper electrode of conductive oxide and its manufacture method
22 7,462,812 Optical switch apparatus and optical switching system
23 7,462,539 Direct tunneling memory with separated transistor and tunnel areas
24 7,462,410 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
25 7,462,312 Method of fabricating element having microstructure
26 7,462,058 Electronic apparatus and fixing component