Fujitsu patents granted on 09 December 2014

39 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,910,007 Apparatus and method for error check of transmission data
2 8,910,004 Information processing apparatus, and method of controlling information processing apparatus
3 8,909,984 Node apparatus of multi-node storage system and method for managing processing speed
4 8,909,921 Signature management method and signature management device
5 8,909,869 Cache memory controlling apparatus
6 8,909,825 System for determining a maximum multiplicity set for communication lines between a plurality of devices using a calculated rate received from the plurality of devices
7 8,909,821 Slim-line connector for serial ATA interface that is mounted on expansion bay of computer includes detection signals which indicate connection status and type of device
8 8,909,686 Discrete fourier calculation device, radio communication device, and discrete fourier calculation method
9 8,909,592 Combining medical binary decision diagrams to determine data correlations
10 8,909,503 Matrix generation technique and plant control technique
11 8,909,295 Transceiver set selection and communication scheme for a distributed antenna system
12 8,909,285 Mobile terminal device and controlling method
13 8,909,063 Optical QPSK signal regeneration and amplification
14 8,909,062 Optical signal regeneration and amplification of M-PSK and M-QAM modulation formats using reconfigurable wavelength selective processors and phase-sensitive amplifiers
15 8,909,049 Method and system for calculating spectrum granularity in flexible grid optical networks
16 8,908,856 Operator evaluation support device and operator evaluation support method
17 8,908,702 Information processing apparatus, communication apparatus, information processing method, and relay processing method
18 8,908,660 Gateway apparatus, node apparatus, communication system, control method and computer readable medium
19 8,908,647 Mobile communication system for reducing interference to an area
20 8,908,644 Method for dropping packet data, radio communication device, and mobile communication system
21 8,908,522 Transmission rate control
22 8,908,361 Electronic apparatus
23 8,908,360 Electronic apparatus
24 8,907,972 Image processing device and method
25 8,907,950 Driving simulation apparatus, wide-angle camera video simulation apparatus, and image deforming/compositing apparatus
26 8,907,814 Cooperative vehicle collision warning system
27 8,907,715 Sampling
28 8,907,688 Method and device for supplying clock
29 8,907,430 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
30 8,907,429 Semiconductor device, semiconductor integrated circuit, SRAM, and method for producing Dt-MOS transistor
31 8,907,379 Semiconductor device with a gate electrode having a shape formed based on a slope and gate lower opening and method of manufacturing the same
32 8,906,721 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
33 8,906,705 Semiconductor device with pads of enhanced moisture blocking ability
34 8,906,704 Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor and a ferroelectric capacitor
35 8,906,598 Pattern forming method, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and material for forming coating layer of resist pattern
36 8,906,526 Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
37 8,905,941 Guidance method, apparatus thereof, recording medium storing program thereof, and device
38 8,905,769 Housing for a computer system and a computer system with such a housing
39 8,905,499 Slide rail