Fujitsu patents granted on 09 February 2016

23 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D749,065 Base station
2 9,258,778 Radio base station and power control method
3 9,258,716 Communications systems
4 9,258,598 Video display system, information processing apparatus and video display apparatus
5 9,258,532 Portable terminal device and storage medium
6 9,258,358 Parallel computing system and control method of parallel computing system
7 9,258,166 Timing synchronization apparatus and method for multi-carrier modulation signals
8 9,258,077 Butterfly filter coefficient setting method and device, receiver and receiving method
9 9,258,062 Optical amplification device and optical amplification method
10 9,258,060 Method and apparatus for compensating nonlinear distortions in intensity modulation-direct detection system
11 9,257,514 Semiconductor device with plural electrodes formed on substrate
12 9,257,425 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
13 9,257,131 Speech signal processing apparatus and method
14 9,257,129 Orthogonal transform apparatus, orthogonal transform method, orthogonal transform computer program, and audio decoding apparatus
15 9,256,995 Apparatus for diagnosing driving behavior, method for diagnosing driving behavior, and program thereof
16 9,256,929 Filtering method and apparatus for recovering an anti-aliasing edge
17 9,256,800 Target line detection device and method
18 9,256,793 Apparatus and method for extracting object image
19 9,256,782 Apparatus and method for processing document image to estimate luminance image from luminance component image adjusted according to estimated or largest luminance values and predetermined criterion
20 9,256,437 Code generation method, and information processing apparatus
21 9,256,398 Device and method of increasing dynamically-typed software efficiency
22 9,256,337 Coordinate detection apparatus
23 9,256,267 Semiconductor device