Fujitsu patents granted on 09 January 2007

28 US patents granted on 09 January 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,162,693 Process for managing data in which existing data item is moved to neighbor page before insertion or after deletion of another data item
2 7,162,685 Key-input correcting device
3 7,162,563 Semiconductor integrated circuit having changeable bus width of external data signal
4 7,162,544 Message transfer method and apparatus
5 7,162,492 Apparatus and method for managing state of external apparatus
6 7,162,435 Transaction managing apparatus and method and recording medium storing transaction managing program therein
7 7,162,430 Information processing method and system as to evaluation information
8 7,162,389 Evaluation device for control unit, simulator, and evaluation system
9 7,162,331 Power supply control device and method for mobile robot
10 7,161,940 Broadcasting communications system
11 7,161,900 Redundant ethernet transmission line system
12 7,161,892 Optical recording medium and optical information processor
13 7,161,855 Semiconductor memory device and timing control method
14 7,161,800 Electronic apparatus and unit mounting mechanism
15 7,161,793 Layer capacitor element and production process as well as electronic device
16 7,161,652 Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device having spontaneous polarized liquid crystal, with heating and applied voltage
17 7,161,547 Antenna device
18 7,161,370 Semiconductor testing device
19 7,161,337 Multiphase DC-DC converter
20 7,161,274 Micro-oscillation element having two rotational axes that are non-orthogonal to each other
21 7,161,248 Multi-layer wiring structure with dummy patterns for improving surface flatness
22 7,161,200 Capacitive element and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,161,195 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
24 7,160,737 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
25 7,159,775 Tag reading method and apparatus
26 7,159,770 Shop settlement method, system and program
27 7,159,769 Store complex checkout apparatus, transaction processing method and program
28 7,159,309 Method of mounting electronic component on substrate without generation of voids in bonding material