Fujitsu patents granted on 09 July 2013

53 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,484,735 Status display control apparatus
2 8,484,643 CPU usage time counting method and job control system using this CPU usage time
3 8,484,606 Method and system for voltage fluctuation amount calculation
4 8,484,600 Apparatus, design method and recording medium
5 8,484,597 Integrated circuit manufacturing method, design method and program
6 8,484,546 Information processing apparatus, information transmitting method, and information receiving method
7 8,484,526 Encoder, decoder, encoding method, and decoding method
8 8,484,491 Power supply apparatus and power supply control method
9 8,484,470 Authentication system, authentication device and recording medium
10 8,484,446 Microprocessor saving data stored in register and register saving method
11 8,484,429 Apparatus and method to copy data via a removable storage device
12 8,484,413 Recording medium storing control program for decentralized data, storage management program, control node, and disk node
13 8,484,375 Systems and methods for removing stale mapping entries for network element
14 8,484,345 Communication control apparatus, communication control system, and communication control method
15 8,484,337 Presence communication system
16 8,484,322 Network reconfiguration method and router
17 8,484,169 Configuration information management device, computer-readable storage medium, and configuration information management method
18 8,483,783 Folding type portable radio machine and chassis of the radio machine
19 8,483,769 Mobile terminal
20 8,483,767 Portable information terminal apparatus, mobile wireless terminal apparatus, and sensor control method
21 8,483,747 Base station, communication method, and mobile station
22 8,483,746 System, base station and method of controlling system
23 8,483,736 Radio channel control method and receiving apparatus
24 8,483,695 Wireless terminal, wireless controller, core-network device, and wireless base station
25 8,483,638 Radio communications method, transmitter, and receiver
26 8,483,607 Wireless communication method and relay apparatus
27 8,483,576 Driving method and driving apparatus for optical modulator, and optical transmitter using same
28 8,483,538 Plug housing and plug apparatus
29 8,483,510 Image merge device and method
30 8,483,332 Oscillating apparatus, receiving apparatus, and oscillation control method
31 8,483,314 Wireless apparatus and distortion compensation method used on time division duplex system
32 8,483,292 Communication apparatus, base station and coordinated multipoint communication method
33 8,483,252 Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method for semiconductor light emitting device
34 8,483,231 Communication system, communication method in communication system, and relay device
35 8,483,184 Handover control apparatus, mobile station, base station, handover control server, and handover control method
36 8,483,176 Packet communication method, packet communication system, wireless terminal, and packet communication device
37 8,483,083 Computer product, testing apparatus, and testing method
38 8,483,081 Method and apparatus for estimating link quality, and link adaption method and apparatus
39 8,483,075 Communication method and communication apparatus
40 8,483,054 Communication path estimation method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and monitoring apparatus
41 8,482,954 Semiconductor memory and method for operating the semiconductor memory
42 8,482,953 Composite resistance variable element and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,482,875 Tape library control apparatus and tape library control method
44 8,482,849 Raman amplifier and control method thereof
45 8,482,566 Electronic paper terminal device; computer-readable medium storing image display control program, and image display control method
46 8,482,553 Drive circuit for driving memory-type liquid crystal
47 8,482,368 Electromagnetic relay
48 8,482,344 Frequency-variable filter
49 8,482,291 Substrate structure
50 8,482,159 Wireless power apparatus and wireless power-receiving method
51 8,482,097 Semiconductor device
52 8,481,383 Method of forming semiconductor device having buffer layer between sidewall insulating film and semiconductor substrate
53 8,479,386 Method for manufacturing interposer