Fujitsu patents granted on 09 June 2015

38 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D731,528 Display with a graphical user interface
2 9,055,685 Electric circuit apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
3 9,055,575 Base station, in a mobile communication system that performs an adjustment of uplink transmission timing by random access between a user equipment and the base station
4 9,055,526 Apparatus and method for performing efficient retransmission
5 9,055,494 Mobile control device and handover control method
6 9,055,486 Systems and methods for coexistence management of shared spectrum access
7 9,055,302 Video encoder and video decoder
8 9,055,096 Apparatus and method for detecting an attack in a computer network
9 9,054,985 System and method for dynamic rate limiting and shaping of traffic based on available bandwidth
10 9,054,948 Storage apparatus, switch and storage apparatus control method
11 9,054,875 Biometric authentication apparatus, biometric authentication method, and biometric authentication computer program
12 9,054,845 Radio communication apparatus and signal processing method
13 9,054,824 Inter-frame gap controller, traffic transmitter, transmission apparatus and inter-frame gap control method
14 9,054,814 Front end device and superposing signal detecting device
15 9,054,812 Optical module
16 9,054,732 SAR analog-to-digital conversion method and SAR analog-to-digital conversion circuit
17 9,054,722 Circuitry and methods for use in mixed-signal circuitry
18 9,054,714 Clock recovery circuit and clock and data recovery circuit
19 9,054,699 Switching device of semiconductor circuit and switching method of the same
20 9,054,641 Variable phase shifter, semiconductor integrated circuit and phase shifting method
21 9,054,579 Power supply circuit
22 9,054,426 Radio apparatus and antenna device
23 9,054,311 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
24 9,054,219 Semiconductor devices having fin structures and fabrication methods thereof
25 9,054,185 Semiconductor device
26 9,054,170 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, power supply, and high-frequency amplifier
27 9,053,962 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
28 9,053,757 Semiconductor memory device comprising a plurity of input/output ports and a plurity of memory blocks corresponding to the plurality of input/output ports
29 9,053,628 System and method for collecting data using a wireless communication channel
30 9,053,370 Digital signature apparatus and method
31 9,053,301 Method for logging in to computer, information processing apparatus and computer-readable information recording medium
32 9,053,262 Method of determining reinforcement position of circuit substrate and substrate assembly
33 9,053,261 Simulation method and simulation apparatus
34 9,053,075 Storage control device and method for controlling storages
35 9,053,074 Computer product, writing control method, writing control apparatus, and system
36 9,053,056 Control apparatus, storage system, and memory controlling method
37 9,052,993 Multi-core processor system, control program, and control method
38 9,052,882 Blower control device, blower control method, and computer-readable recording medium