Fujitsu patents granted on 09 March 2010

35 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,676,777 Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product
2 7,676,766 Graphic object designating to edit apparatus, method, and computer readable medium thereof
3 7,676,749 Login management technique
4 7,676,718 Test circuit, method and apparatus for supporting circuit design, and computer product
5 7,676,693 Method and apparatus for monitoring power failure
6 7,676,684 Semiconductor device and signal processing method for synchronizing data with a data strobe signal
7 7,676,669 Multi-core processor control method
8 7,676,650 Apparatus for controlling instruction fetch reusing fetched instruction
9 7,676,610 Device and method for optimization of target host device process handling according to the status and the priority of the target host device process
10 7,676,544 File sharing system, file sharing method, and recording medium storing file sharing program
11 7,676,278 Fault tolerant transport mechanism in storage and method of controlling the same
12 7,676,227 Communication system and handover communication method
13 7,676,162 Phase monitor used in optical receiver
14 7,676,160 Supervisory controlling method and supervisory controlling system of optical repeater
15 7,676,152 Optical power monitor for PON telecommunication
16 7,676,104 Outline font compression method
17 7,676,102 Image compression apparatus, image compression program and image compression method
18 7,676,056 Method and apparatus for determining encoding availability, and computer product
19 7,676,029 Guidance apparatus related to operation of information equipment and guidance method related to operation of information equipment
20 7,675,906 Media communication system, and terminal apparatus and signal conversion apparatus in said system
21 7,675,801 Semiconductor memory device and refresh method for the same
22 7,675,800 Semiconductor memory, memory controller, system, and operating method of semiconductor memory
23 7,675,773 Semiconductor memory, test method of semiconductor memory and system
24 7,675,741 Electronic component mounting part and electronic apparatus
25 7,675,671 Micro electro mechanical systems device
26 7,675,515 Apparatus, and method for generating analytical model, and recording medium in which program for generating analytical model is stored
27 7,675,460 In-vehicle radar apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
28 7,675,360 Power control circuit and power control method
29 7,675,340 Multiphase clock generator circuit
30 7,675,328 Phase detection apparatus and phase synchronization apparatus
31 7,675,267 Control circuit of power supply and control method of the power supply
32 7,674,634 Method of producing semiconductor device
33 7,674,017 Optical module and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,673,998 Electronic apparatus and enclosure assembly therefor
35 7,673,794 Personal information verification program, method and apparatus