Fujitsu patents granted on 09 November 2010

35 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE41,915 Charge/discharge control circuit and secondary battery
2 7,832,010 Unauthorized access program monitoring method, unauthorized access program detecting apparatus, and unauthorized access program control apparatus
3 7,831,963 Method for tracing a program executed on a system comprising a plurality of processing units, and a system comprising a plurality of processing units
4 7,831,957 System and method for dividing functions into functional blocks
5 7,831,952 Designing apparatus, designing method, and program
6 7,831,944 Circuit-design supporting apparatus, circuit-design supporting method, computer product, and printed-circuit-board manufacturing method
7 7,831,846 Information processing device with an acceleration sensor
8 7,831,232 Multiple input multiple output communication apparatus
9 7,831,149 Optical transmission device
10 7,831,118 Coarse wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system, and coarse wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission method
11 7,831,005 Jitter suppression circuit
12 7,830,979 Distortion compensation amplification device and correction method
13 7,830,956 Method and system for processing a sampled signal
14 7,830,902 Arbiter, crossbar, request selection method and information processing device
15 7,830,818 Reception quality measurement method, transmission power control method and devices thereof
16 7,830,808 Path status monitoring method and device
17 7,830,789 Method for accommodating signal paths to ring network
18 7,830,788 Mobile communication network system
19 7,830,556 Information providing system
20 7,830,479 Liquid crystal display and electronic paper utilizing the display
21 7,830,344 Display panel including liquid crystal material having spontaneous polarization
22 7,830,315 Antenna apparatus and radio communicating apparatus
23 7,830,174 Input/output circuit
24 7,830,169 Semiconductor device
25 7,830,013 Material for forming adhesion reinforcing layer, adhesion reinforcing layer, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
26 7,830,012 Material for forming exposure light-blocking film, multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
27 7,830,009 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,829,880 Quantum dot semiconductor device
29 7,829,476 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
30 7,829,461 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
31 7,828,201 Bar-code reading apparatus, bar-code reading method, and library apparatus
32 7,828,193 Method of mounting an electronic component and mounting apparatus
33 7,828,152 Carrier tape, electronic-component accommodating member and method of transporting electronic component
34 7,828,047 Cooling unit
35 7,828,045 Heat sink and information processor using heat sink