Fujitsu patents granted on 09 October 2007

43 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,281,225 Circuit verification using multiple engines
2 7,281,204 Hub document preparation method
3 7,281,197 Error-correcting encoding apparatus with variable-rate puncturing
4 7,281,195 Receiving apparatus and receiving method in CDMA communication system
5 7,281,172 Fault information collection program and apparatus
6 7,281,164 Information processing device and recovery method thereof
7 7,281,155 Semiconductor memory device and method for executing shift redundancy operation
8 7,281,091 Storage controlling apparatus and data storing method
9 7,281,054 Contents distribution method, contents information processing device, and computer product
10 7,281,027 Distributed processing system and network monitoring system
11 7,280,993 Reachability-based verification of a circuit using one or more multiply rooted binary decision diagrams
12 7,280,953 Noise countermeasure determination method and apparatus and storage medium
13 7,280,908 Vehicle controller and vehicle control method
14 7,280,894 Communication system for communication between in-vehicle terminals and center, and in-vehicle terminal employed in communication system
15 7,280,766 Method and device for processing an optical signal
16 7,280,763 Terminal apparatus and controlling method for optical output power
17 7,280,718 Reflective adjustable optical deflector and optical device employing the same
18 7,280,713 Optical modulator, optical waveguide device and acousto-optic tunable filter apparatus
19 7,280,701 Image data processing apparatus, image data processing method, and computer readable medium
20 7,280,693 Document information input apparatus, document information input method, document information input program and recording medium
21 7,280,688 Image processing apparatus and pattern extraction apparatus
22 7,280,648 Display method of multiple types of incoming-call histories
23 7,280,507 Radio LAN data transmission system, radio LAN data transmission method, and computer product
24 7,280,413 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
25 7,280,404 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device that erases stored data after a predetermined time period without the use of a timer circuit
26 7,280,385 Semiconductor memory device
27 7,280,384 Semiconductor memory device
28 7,280,373 Printed board unit and electronic apparatus
29 7,280,309 Access performance adjusting method and storage apparatus
30 7,280,298 Thin film magnetic head fit to recordation of higher frequency
31 7,280,272 Bias control of SOA via switches
32 7,280,096 Motion sensor engagement for a handheld device
33 7,280,076 Information processing apparatus with contactless reader/writer, and coil antenna for magnetic coupling
34 7,279,990 Sigma-delta modulator for PLL circuits
35 7,279,951 DC offset cancellation circuit, differential amplification circuit with DC offset cancellation circuit, photo-electric pulse conversion circuit, pulse shaping circuit, and pulse generation circuit
36 7,279,870 DC-DC converter and method of controlling DC-DC converter
37 7,279,864 Control unit for driving a regulating transistor of a fan arrangement
38 7,279,790 Semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof
39 7,279,778 Semiconductor package having a high-speed signal input/output terminal
40 7,279,402 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
41 7,279,259 Method for correcting pattern data and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using same
42 7,278,605 Guide roller in tape drive and method of controlling the same
43 7,278,466 Semiconductor device cooling apparatus